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Adventure Games

Hey folks! It's definitely the right time to have fun again and go on lots of adventures while at your computer! All of the games, which have become the most preferred and hits of 2021, are waiting for you on our site. They are really loved by everyone because they have a stage after stage progressive structure. After all, moving step by step and reaching the goal is something everyone wants, isn't it?

Hey, let’s have a look at the fun world of adventure games!

Why Choose Eyzi.Net for Having Fun with Adventure Games?

Hey, we're sure you'll have a lot of fun playing both multiplayer and single-player games. It is the right time to discover free adventure games, which have been frequently preferred recently. Before enjoying these games we offer for you, we would like to talk about what we pay attention to while presenting them to you:

  1. While we offer free pc adventure games, we always provide a fast connection for you. In this way, you do not experience any freezing problem due to hosting while trying to access or playing games. This means a much better gaming experience.
  2. We maximize the diversity for you. Best adventure games to play with girlfriend options can have themes that both your girlfriend and you will love. Sometimes it is a survival theme, sometimes money making theme, and sometimes a theft theme. These are all options that you will enjoy while playing games. And hey, Fireboy and Watergirl games, which are mostly preferred by those in search of adventure games for two, are also in this category.
  3. We take care to offer the most up-to-date versions of the games for you. Yes, the most current and most modern versions! You have tons of great options to play adventure games without downloading on PC. For instance, we just talked about the Fireboy and Watergirl games: all versions of this game are available on our site! You will be sure to take advantage of the most up-to-date versions of them while browsing our site.
  4. We explain in detail how each adventure game is played on our site. Easily play and enjoy the game by browsing the description below the game! It's that simple!

Why Adventure Games Are Often Preferred?

Why is the adventure theme preferred so much in games? Hey, is so cool that the games we offer here are really fun! Adventure games online free no download options, which we have added to our collection, specially selected for you, can be played with great game pleasure.

Speed, fun, variety, multiple gameplay options, exciting features, high-quality graphics, an intriguing process, and of course a fluid story that will keep you in the game at all times. The combination of all these will increase your time in games in a very short time.

There is more than that in the options we can offer you with Eyzi!

Play with your best friend!

We're sure you'll love our two-player adventure games, folks! You can use these games to color all your boring days when you have to stay at home and fight with your siblings or friend via these games! If you wish, you can share these games with your friends on various social media platforms and talk about how you can develop tactics. For example, the Dino Squad Adventure game is really suitable for this. If you're looking for more options for adventure games for two, don't forget to check out the games in our category!

Play Them On Your Own!

The enjoyable time you spend at your computer can really become much more exciting than you think. Games that can be played as a single person can make you spend your time in a very enjoyable way. For example, Super Onion Boy, one of the most preferred games in our category, is one of the options that you can play on your own (singleplayer). Here you can avoid obstacles by doing various moves such as jump, move and have a Super Mario style experience, folks!

Check out Adventure Games for Girls

Are you looking for fun games for girls' interests? We have a very rich selection of games that both maximize the excitement level and can be played with girls. For example, our girl users really like all the games you will come across while browsing our category such as Angry Gran Jump Up, 3 Pandas, Red Ball Forever Game!

These options are particularly addictive in terms of their themes and the stories they have. That's why we're so afraid that you won't be able to get up again after sitting at the game! Don't forget to take occasional breaks and rest your eyes, folks!

Fighting Games Are Great!

What comes to your mind first when you think of adventure games? It may be time to check out the fighting games that will both keep the excitement at the maximum level and will entertain you a lot. We have to say that we also have a great game collection in terms of fighting games. For example, thanks to the Stickman Maverick game in our category, you can easily shoot the enemies with the help of your weapon and try to survive. Remember, you have to race against time while killing the ghosts coming towards you one by one during this game. Otherwise, you may lost and game may be over!

We think you will be really excited to escape from the individuals that come in front of you and attack you with various weapons -Hey, of course not in real life! After all, this is the aim of adventure games, isn't it?

In fact, this is not the only game accepted in this category. How about fighting against zombies, especially if you like survivor games with weapons? Zombie Mission 2 is a game that can be played as a two player and requires you to kill the zombies that are plundering the city. If you cannot achieve this, you are nose to death! But if you succeed, you will be proud to defeat the zombie invasion.

If you're ready too, this might be the right time to play this game!

Adventure games 2021 play in computer options are full of many alternatives like this one. That's exactly why we love the game world. Because it is always fun to escape from the trouble of the real world and explore the mystery and excitement of the game world. We are totally sure that you will lose yourself in this excitement!

No Need for Download Anything!

Our game series has numerous options that you can easily play using just your browser and do not require you to download anything at all. Check them out and try them all. While we offer you high-quality games, we also select them from the craziest ones. Of course, this increases the level of entertainment. Most of our games can also be played on mobile devices. But be sure to try it to check if there is such an option (mobile playing option) in your favorite game.

Maximum Adrenalin

We are sure that you will have a lot of fun while experiencing the enjoyable games where the danger is felt at the peaks and the excitement reaches the maximum! Recently, gamers love games, especially in the style of Hero Journey, where you have to keep your eyes open to many dangers.

Monsters or enemies coming from more than one point will make you feel a lot of fun. Because you have to keep an eye out for all of them. This maximizes the attention the game demands. If you are ready to pay attention and want to feel the adrenaline to the maximum, we are sure you will find a selection from our excellent game collection!

What are Adventure Games?

Usually, an adventure game comes with a very popular story or theme within itself. You must first understand that story and adopt that story with the character you are in front of and move forward step by step. For example, if we are talking about a zombie story, choose to play with all your might by imagining zombies enveloping your city so that you can enjoy this game. In these games that offer story-driven gameplays, such an experience can be much stronger. Sometimes you need to be constantly vigilant to develop various strategies, sometimes to solve some puzzles, and sometimes to protect various empires.

We also see that collecting items that will make you stronger at every stage in adventure games is a popular pattern. The weapons, nutrients, or diamonds you collect as you progress step by step to the next levels will earn you points and power. This will of course make the game even more exciting.

When you dream of top adventure games options, you can usually think of video games. However, IO games that you can easily play without downloading anything to your computer are also really happy. Because these are completely free and lots of fun thanks to!

Want to check out more options? You can take a little tour of the category!

We Have Gathered The Best Free Adventure Games For You!

It is possible to find games with the highest user scores on We share games with a story that true PC gamers will love. You can easily and quickly create a strategy in these. The community we have created visits us every day and adds pleasure to your day. It might be your turn to try out gaming enjoyment, right?

Each of the dedicated employees in our team is working to offer you more enjoyable, exciting, and arcade adventure games with each passing day. Accordingly, we have to say that your feedback is very important to us. Based on your feedback, we will decide which games we need to add to our site and we will make various improvements to it. Check out the games to know more!

Addicting Adventure Games By!

Get ready to discover more! Don't forget to choose games with advanced graphics options to feel the adventure in your heart and to feel integrated with the character you play, folks!

We have shared with you many details that make adventure games addictive. Now, we will talk about some of the rules and features that you should pay attention to while playing these games. While enjoying one of the many games in this category, we advise you not to forget what we said below, folks!

  1. There are many tactics you can use to achieve results in Adventure games. That's why it's fun to play them.
  2. You can change your strategy in these games.
  3. You can play these games alone or with your friends.
  4. All you need is a keyboard, a mouse and a computer. As long as you have an internet connection, you can play these games without any problems.
  5. Since the games progress gradually, you should not leave the computer before the game is over! Otherwise, all your effort may be wasted!

History of Adventure Games

The basic principle of adventure games is to tell a story and to watch the development of events within the framework of these stories and characters. These games basically allow you to go on an adventure that you never knew before. Moreover, in adventure games, you are expected to develop new strategies and survive certain situations by using your intelligence. Action games and adventure games are often confused with each other. But unlike action games, adventure games do not involve direct combat. Even if there is a war moment in the game, it is organized around a story. This makes the games different.

What is the First Adventure Game?

The first adventure game published in history is known as Colossal Cave Adventure. This game was published in the 1970s. Colossal Cave Adventure, which was really attractive in the game world at this time, did not contain graphics. In short, it is possible to say that this game is a very primitive "first example".

How was the game without graphics played? Let's say it right away: The basic logic of the game was shaped around a narrator. The narrator was supposed to explain the game to the gamer. In this way, the players were moving their characters within the framework of the information they heard and progressing in the game. The moving function was realized with simple commands. For example, during a game, the player commanded the character by saying "go south" and the game was progressing in this way.

The Development of Adventure Games Step by Step

So what happened next? After the first adventure game, development accelerated in the 1980s. The advent of the Apple II has changed a lot. Because now there were graphic elements and a little more complex game structures could be built using them. As you know, adventure games are a bit slower than action games because they follow a story. This slowness was in line with the progress of the technology at that time. In other words, undeveloped technology was sufficient enough for that time to feed the adventure games.

After this period, many games such as Myst, Monkey Island, and Blade Runner have been developed and released. All of this meant a game world where the graphics were now excellent and the users were simulated with audio elements and 3D details.

The Most Popular Adventure Game in History

The most popular adventure game in history is known as The Sims, released in 1993. This has managed to be the game everyone has been talking about for quite a long time. Because everyone with a PC preferred it when they wanted to play adventure games.

What Has Changed?

However, further development of technology has changed some things. Various options such as free online adventure games for Android and adventure games best for IoS have now made it possible for people to play games without sitting at the computer. Adventure games made with HTML 5 gained value after mobile games increased.

We, as, are proud to present you with the most popular adventure games with the most advanced technology!

Frequently Asked Questions About Adventure Games

You may want to get to know the free adventure games no download options more closely. For this, we did something. We found the most frequently asked questions about the topic in the internet world and wanted to answer them. You can find questions and answers in the rest of our content.

Which is the best offline adventure game?

Our games, which have been frequently preferred and trendy recently, can also give you a lot of pleasure. If you are looking for games to play in real-time and with online participants, look for other alternatives. But if you are looking for games that you can enjoy by playing alone without online friends while you have an internet connection, Eyzi is definitely the right place. While spending time here, you can add a new dimension to the adventure by trying the following games:

  1. Angry Gran Jump Up
  2. Crazy Runner
  3. Snail Bob
  4. Fireboy and Watergirl 5
  5. Bob The Robber 2
  6. Defend Home
  7. Heros Journey

What is an example of an adventure game?

As a general definition, we have said that an Adventure game is a game about trying to reach a goal with an action within the framework of a story. In this context, all games in our category are adventure games. For example, when we look at video games, the Grand Theft Auto series is also considered an adventure game series. The most popular options on our site are the Bob The Robber series and the Fireboy and Watergirl series. You can add very pleasant nuances to your day by trying these games, folks!

Are adventure games dead?

In fact, it would be quite wrong to say that adventure games are dead or will going to be dead. Because we have to say this: Of course, like every game category, adventure games also have strengths and weaknesses. However, they are the entertainment points that have the highest proportion of entertainment with their themes and stories.

We know that many people are still discussing the best action-adventure game in many game forums recently. Moreover, adventure-themed game options that can be played as no download are increasing every year. That being the case, it is possible to say that these game types do not die but even multiply.

What adventure games are better on PC?

All of the adventure games we offer you as can be played easily on PCs. Moreover, you do not need to download an application in any way to play them. This, of course, makes it possible to protect your computers and have an enjoyable time easily without the danger of viruses. If you want to learn the most preferred adventure games in recent times, in addition to the list we have given you above, we can list the following:

  1. Marco
  2. Adam and Eve 7 Game
  3. Transmorpher 1
  4. Dino Squad Adventure
  5. Wheely 7
  6. Money Movers Maker
  7. Magi Dogi

All of the above games have been clicked at very high rates lately! This means: They are the king of the world of no download pc adventure games!

What are the most popular Adventure Games?

Adventure games online unblocked options are very popular. Because many people want to relieve stress by playing these games at school or at work. Internet connection generally owned by schools or workplaces blocks many games. However, you can easily play the online games unblocked adventure theme options offered by for you. These are extremely fun, and usually many institutions' internet lines do not block these games. Because they do not have sensitive content in any way!