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Zombie Mission 2

Play NowZombie Mission 2

Let's say, you are two children in your house and there is just one computer. What would you do? You can determine the playtime for each child. But this act halves the playtime. The wise choice is to play a two-player game.

My friends, we present to you the most entertaining two-player game you can play. Grab your deadly rifles against the green and ugly enemies. They were once humans but now they are not! You should kill ‘em all as a sibling activity. Probably, it will be more entertaining than going shopping or dinner. The coolest thing you can do as two siblings is to play this game or to attend a legendary laser tag competition.

Basics of Zombie Mission 2

  • Zombie mission 2 is a two-player browser shooter game. You can play the game in every system.
  • There are a brother and a sister. Sister is controlled by "W, A, S, D", Brother is controlled by direction arrows on the keyboard. Sister shoots her gun by "F". Brother shoots his gun by "L". While the sister switches her weapons by "Q" brother switches his weapons by "U".
  • The mission is clear. You should kill all the enemies and collect the mission disks. Also, there are afraid innocent people. You should save them, too.
  • If a character takes more than 3 damages, it dies. So, the game is over. We can’t end the game without our partner. There are health potions to increase our life. You can use them to survive during the game.
  • You will be able to find different kinds of weapons. Don’t underestimate these opportunities. That would be wrong.

The Walkthrough of Zombie Mission 2

We open the game. On the left, there are ruthless enemies we got. Green skinned ugly zombies.

  • A genius-looking zombie shakes his weird weapon towards us. There are three main buttons at the bottom. The middle one is to start the game, the right button is to look for the controls again. The left is one is for... Well, for examining the other games of the publisher. We click the play button.
  • There is a stage progression menu there. As newcomers, we click the first number.
  • Our proudest sibling is at the bottom of the map. We collecting golden-colored disks. There is a crazy zombie that throwing hand grenades. But why? No one knows. Also, an innocent person seems afraid of the zombie. He should be saved.
  • In this round, we give the mission of killing the zombies and saving the innocents to the sister. Brother will be collecting disks. But two of the characters are played by one person. You know, we are all alone.
  • The sister takes 2 damages in a row after she climbs the ladders and kills the zombie there. So, the objectives are exchanged. When the round continues, there is an innocent person behind three boxes. We shoot the boxes and save him, too. The metal door at the end of the map opens and this is the end of the first level.