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Heros Journey

Play NowHeros Journey

Are you ready to fight? Many monsters are willing to defeat you. Do not let them! As soon as you start the game, monsters will be spreading all around to attack you. You have to defeat them by attacking all of them.

They are too many! But as long as you move fast, you can do it! You also have to come up with the right strategy, you should decide when to use your power-ups.

When they attack you, you may not find a chance to reach them. Heros Journey is the coolest game ever! Let’s give you more information if it sounds complicated.

More About The Heroes Journey

In this section, we will give you more information and some tips about the Heroes Journey.

  1. Use your controller
  2. If you are playing from a device with a touch screen, all you have to do is touching on beasts regularly until they die. Touch power-ups to activate them as well. If you are playing Heros Journey from a computer, you will need a trackpad or a mouse. Click left on the beasts to kill them.

  3. Kill the beasts
  4. If you do not kill them, they will kill you! You should be fast and kill all of them. Otherwise, if your lifeline ends, you will fail and you should start from the beginning.

  5. Collect the coins regularly
  6. When you kill the beasts, you will earn some coins. Touch or click on them to collect them. They will be very helpful for you when you want to buy power-ups.

  7. Benefit from the power-ups!
  8. Power-ups are your secret weapon! They will be very helpful for you while attacking. With them, you can fill your lifeline, increase your energy, increase your attacking power and wait for it! You can use the mega slash to kill every beast around you! Also if you use Sheilds up, you can attack beasts around you without getting any damage for a limited amount of time.

  9. Be careful about the big beast!
  10. As you kill the beasts, a big beast may come suddenly. It is so powerful! You have to use your power-ups regularly to defeat it.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Heroes Journey

We give you some information and tips for Heros Journey. We thought answering some of your questions might be helpful for you too.

If you have any questions about the Heros Journey, there is a high possibility that you will find the answer below.

What Does Happen If My Character Die?

Unfortunately, you have to start again if your character dies.

Can I Pause The Heroes Journey?

Yes, you can stop the game by clicking options whenever you want.

What Does The Level Mean in Heroes Journey?

As you kill the beasts, your level will increase. That means you will be more powerful.