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Cyborg Slayer

Play NowCyborg Slayer

Hello, gamers. Today, ready to explore a real arcade world. Here is the perfect game of recent times, Cyborg Slayer. How would you like to discover this perfect game with you?

You will love this game and you won't be able to stop playing. Now, if you are still here we can start promoting our game to you. We will give you all the information in detail. Let's start talking about our game.

As we said to you, this game, which looks like an arcade game, has many features that will attract you. We can start by telling you the game instructions.

More About The Cyborg Slayer

  • You should play Cyborg Slayer with a controller
  • You will need the keyboard and mouse to play this game. You can use the left click to shoot enemies. While playing this game, you can use the w, a, s d keys to move and you have to press the space button to jump. This game is for one player and the aim is to neutralize your enemies by shooting them.

  • You have to pay attention to the state of health in the game
  • When you shoot at your enemies, they shoot at you. Therefore, with the ‘’w, a’’ keys, you can move around in 3 parts and escape from your enemies. Unless you can escape, enemies will shoot at you and reduce your health.

  • You should pay attention to the awards
  • As you progress in the game, you have to move towards those signs that will appear to increase your score. this is an opportunity for you. Don’t forget.

  • Score Time
  • You can earn a score from every enemy you kill, and there will be rewards that will provide you with different and useful features for the game to increase this score by taking them. You have to try to get the highest score in the game. We trust you, my friend. It will be easy for you.

  • You have to watch out for different enemies
  • There are two different enemies in the game, one of these enemies is people who shoot at you walking like you and the others are cyborgs flying in the air. You must not let cyborgs open their eyes, they are very dangerous.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cyborg Slayer

We talked to you about all the details of our game. It's time to answer your questions. If you have a question, maybe you can see the answer below.

Can I Continue Where I Left Off When I Die?

Unfortunately, you can’t continue. This game aims to constantly strive to achieve the highest record. Kill enemies, grab points!

Can I Pause The Cyborg Slayer?

We can't stop it, as this game is played online and for a while, we have to continue the game. If you want to try again, you should wait to die or you can refresh the page.