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Happy Snakes

Play Now Happy Snakes

Happy Snakes is the basic snake game we everybody knows and we can play it online! Eat the bubbles and grow.

Now, you can play snake game with your friends and your opponents in Happy Snakes game.

This is the basic snake game where you eating bubbles and growing accordingly but there is a little different thing. You are making growing yourself inside the crowd area filled by online players. There is two game style you can play. playing aggressively and playing calmy.

Game Basics: You have to eat colorful bubbles placed in the ground randomly in this way you can grow period yourself. While growing you can eat tiny snakes easily but biggers is always a problem. If you want to defeat bigger snakes you have to hit them head, you can do that while tiny too. Try to be first in the leaderboard and announce your name to everybody in this way you gonna be a target and every player will try to defeat you.

Create your own tactics and play according to this. Good tactics always bring victory. I will tell you the most popular tactic for you.

Turn to the old days and make a great score again.