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Paper Snakes

Play NowPaper Snakes

Hello, gamers. Today, we would like to introduce you to our new game Paper Snakes, which will be very fun and challenging.

If you are afraid of snakes, your mind can change with this sweet snake game. You can easily win the game by eating other snakes and settling in first place in this game. Of course, we will give you the details you need to pay attention to before starting the game. Come on, let me examine these details.

We have prepared instructions to give you detailed information about our game. You can easily play the game by reading them.

More About The Play Paper Snakes

  • You must use a mouse or touch screen to play the game
  • If you prefer the computer while playing the game, you can direct your snake with the mouse. If your preference is from a touch technological device, it is possible to use it by touching the screen. In this way, you can easily direct your snake and ensure its movement.

  • You should avoid the big snakes
  • The aim of the game is that the snakes eat each other and settle in the first place. That's why snakes strive to eat the snakes they look down on. When you first start the game, you have to eat the tiny snake cards and keep growing. You must avoid the big snakes. Also, after your snake grows, you can eat the little snakes as you wish.

  • Choose the type of snake you want while in the game
  • Before starting the game, you can choose the type of snake you want from the skins button. Thus, snakes will appear in the color and shape you want. After pressing the Select button, you can start the game with the snake of your choice.

  • Choose your name in the game
  • We recommend that you set a name before you start playing the game. Thus, when you start the game, you can see your name on the scoreboard in the right corner, and you can follow your opponents' score and your score.

  • Try to reach the highest score
  • Your score increases with pieces of paper snakes and other small snakes you eat while in the game. As your score increases, your rank will increase in the table. When you are placed first, you will be the winner of the game. That's why you should try to increase your score.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Paper Snakes

We gave you basic information about the game. Now, we will answer questions about the game for you.

Can I Pause The Paper Snakes?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to stop the game. There are many opponents like you in the game and these opponents are walking around to eat your snake.

Can I Eat Snakes Bigger Than Myself in the Game?

While you are in the game, you have to eat the little snakes from yourself. If you try to eat larger snakes, you will lose the game immediately.