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Soccer is always more than just a sport for most people. It is a way of living. It is hard to obtain this level of passion or rivalry from the other sports. is an online game that you can play soccer on your computer. But this game includes a different approach towards this legendary game. In this game, we increased the number of teams to four from two. In that way, your matches will be more fun.

Basics of

As we pointed out, is a bit different than the actual soccer. This means you will be in need of assistance to get used to the game. Have no fear, our guide is here!

  • is a new way of the soccer game. Rather than having only two teams, there are four teams in this game. The goal is to concede a smaller number of goals.
  • If you remember ice hockey games from arcade games, the main logic is the same.
  • There are four players in the game. Your score starts at 4. The score decreases after each goal you conceded.
  • If your score becomes 0 you will lose.
  • You control your player with your mouse. To continue to move your player, you should hold the right click of your mouse.
  • The player with 0 points will be disappearing from the game. There is no place for losers. Walkthrough

Let’s rule the entire field just by ourselves. A Walkthrough.

We explained the logic behind the game above. To clarify all the details, we should play together. Welcome to our walkthrough.

  • When we are able to open the game, we see a green background. There are a few snowflakes on the logo of the game. This place is like a football field.
  • The game tells us “Enter your pseudo”. We couldn’t get what a pseudo is but there is a text area under it. This is a nickname selecting area. We decide on our name as “Ricardo Quaresma”. After that, there is a white play button with a black triangle in it. We click on this button.
  • On the next screen, the game tells us to become ready. We click on the button again.
  • For a while, we wait for the players. After that, we are in the field. We concede a goal at the first moment. The player called “Yassir” makes a score.
  • After that goal, we start to play more carefully. We start to literally rule the entire round. The other players are not able to make a decrease in our score from 3.
  • First, we eliminate the player on the left of us. After that, the player on the right eliminates the player in front of us.
  • Finally, we beat the last player standing. Ding, ding, ding! We got a winner.