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Monster Café Shooter

Play NowMonster Café Shooter

Probably you remember the old classic balloon shooter games. You should be in a challenge with the limited time and your luck. You should burst the balloons at the perfect timing.

Monster Café Shooter is different from the classic balloon shooters because you are able to cut the linkages in the crucial cases. This is the physics, you know. Come on! We have a lot of balloons to burst at perfect timing. We need hands. Will you be here for us?

Basics of Monster Café Shooter:

In this section, we will be giving the basic facts on Monster Café Shooter.

  • Monster Café Shooter is a balloon shooter game with a spooky monster theme.
  • Your goal is to keep the balloons from the limit on the screen.
  • You aim with your mouse. If you hold on the left click, you will be able to see the specific direction of the balloon.
  • You should shoot 2 or more same balloons with the same balloons to make a burst.
  • If you cut the link between balloons they will be falling. This means more points and better gameplay. Your aim should be linkages.

A Walkthrough on Monster Café Shooter:

In this section, you are able to find a walkthrough of our balloon shooter game Monster Café Shooter.

  • We start the game by clicking on the bigger start button.
  • Obviously, we got company. We have a green ball on the next shoot. We shoot it through five balloons and boom! They all burst. They keep coming towards us.
  • The next balloon is an orange pumpkin. We shoot it to the four of them in a row. They burst, too. The next one is an orange pumpkin, too. We find another four of them. Kaboom! They are all gone.
  • As we make four combos the game gives us a bonus balloon to make a strong explosion there.
  • Man! You should see those blasts here we literally melted the balloons here.
  • After a while, the height of the balloons exceeds the limit on the screen.
  • Obviously, this is the end of the level.


How many seconds do we have if the balloons exceed the limit?

If you can’t clear the balloons in 5 seconds when they exceed your territory, you will lose. You should be aware of that situation in this free online balloon shooter game.

What should I do if there are no same balloons as I have?

If you are in that kind of situation you should shoot the balloon to the furthest possible point. In that way, you can avoid the unwanted height of the balloon mass.

How can I get a better aim?

If you bounce the ball from the sides of the screen, you can get a better aim. With a better aim, you create better explosions.