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Mango Shooter Game

Play NowMango Shooter Game

Probably you remember the first angry birdies with flings. Man! Those birds were using themselves as a tool. We will stick the truth in this game.

Mango Shooter is the game that you control kiddo next door. That boy just wants to eat mangos, but they are on the high ground. As a thinking animal, you should use a proper tool to gather ‘em all. By the way, you shouldn’t give them to the birds. Let’s begin.

Basics of Mango Shooter Game:

Let’s see some basic facts that you will need when you play this legendary shooter game Mango Shooter.

  • Mango Shooter
  • is a 2D Shooter game that you try to collect as many as mango possible. If you are a good shooter enough, you are able to shoot and collect the birds, too.
  • To collect the mangos, you will need of using your fling. You should aim with your fling and shoot the target.
  • To aim, you should use your mouse cursor.
  • When you click on the screen, the boy will be placing a fling stone into the fling. If you drag the mouse backward, you increase the speed of the fling stone.
  • Once you release the mouse, you release the stone.
  • At each level, you have a goal to reach. To collect points, shoot the mangos. To collect extra points, shoot the birds, too.
  • If you don’t shoot when you use your fling, it will be considered a missed shot.
  • To earn a double point, try to shoot more than one target at the same time. If you arrange the shoot well, it is possible.
  • If you shoot the bird with a pocket, you earn extra stones.

A Walkthrough on Mango Shooter:

Let’s play this wonderful shooter game, Mango Shooter together with our sling.

  • As we start the game, we click on the wooden play button to continue.
  • The game shows us the target. Obviously, it’s 1. We say OK and go on.
  • We aim and shoot the mangos on the tree. There are 2 of them and we shoot ‘em all!
  • Look! We guess we see a bird up there and we have one more rock. Bang! We shoot that bird, too.
  • Brilliant! It seems like we have passed the first level. Good job!


What should I do when a bird starts to eat the mangos in Free Mango Shooter Online?

You should shoot the bird with your fling in Mango Shooter. Or else? The bird eats the mango.

Are there any levels in Mango Shooter?

Yes. Each time you end your stones, a level end. If you can’t reach the goal, you fail.

Can I play Free Mango Shooter Unlimited with my friends?

No, you can’t play Mango Shooter Online with your friends. Because there is no multiplayer mode in that game.