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Bubble Shooter Online Game

Play NowBubble Shooter Online Game
Bubble Shooter is an addictive game that will keep you entertained for hours! The goal of this game is simple – pop all bubbles before they reach the edge of the screen.

This game has been designed with simplicity in mind. There are no complicated rules or instructions to follow. Just click on the bubbles as quickly as possible to clear them off the screen.

A Challenging Online Game Classic: Like many other online classic games, we are proud to present you with the original bubble shooter game online. This is a game that known among gamers for its endless entertainment. Rather than just gagging about how you play the game, today we will be going further about Bubble Shooter Game. After you look at this page you will be able to know the answer to the following questions.

  1. Why Bubble Shooter Game is still popular even if it is an old game?
  2. What is the history behind the Bubble Shooter Game?
  3. How do you play Bubble Shooter Game better? Is Bubble Shooter Game beneficial to your reflexes?
  4. Do you want to see a walkthrough about Bubble Shooter Game?

Bubble Shooter Full Screen

These are our main points about Bubble Shooter Game. Let’s go deeper about this bubble shooter game online full screen. Let’s roll! At the end of the page, you will have a god-tier knowledge about this legendary game.

What is the history behind the Bubble Shooter Game?

Like the other games in the gaming industry, Bubble Shooter Games is an output of the evolution of the other games. For Bubble Shooter Game, this evaluated game as Puzzle Bobble. This game was published in 1994 by a Japanese company called Taito. After a while, our beloved Bubble Shooter Game was released in 2002 as a clone of Puzzle Bubble by Ilyon Dynamics. We need to point out the fact that creating clones is not imitation. At the end of the day, all the first-person shooter games are a variation of Doom. All the games are a product of the continual evolution of the other games. On you are free to find a bubble shooter game unblocked whenever you want. As a sum up a question like who developed bubble shooter game can be answered by the developer company’s name Ilyon Dynamics.

The gameplay of Bubble Shooter Game:

We mentioned the historical development of the no download bubble shooter on But how can you play Bubble Shooter Game and how should you play the game? In this section, we will inform you about the basics and recommendations on gameplay. Trust us, you will be playing Bubble Shooter Game legendarily after this section.

What kind of game is Bubble Shooter Game?

Bubble Shooter Game is included in the category of the puzzle. This game is a puzzle based on the difference between the colors. The main challenge of the game is both the time and accuracy of the shoots. If you can’t do it both well, you lose.

What is the goal of the Bubble Shooter Game?

When you are playing bubble shooter games play free on, you have a, let’s say, a gun that shoots bubbles on the bottom of the screen. There are random colored marble-like bubbles on the top of the screen. These bubbles approach downwards at a specific time. (in accordance with the difficulty you play) You try to clear all the bubbles. If the bubbles exceed the line in the game, you lose. If you clear ‘em all, you win.

How do you clear bubbles on the top for the bubble shooter game?
  • Your bubble shooting gun will have random colored bubbles. You should try to form three or more of the same-colored bubbles. If you do so, they will be exploding. Kaboom? Yes Rico, Kaboom!
  • To shoot a bubble from your gun, you should aim with your mouse cursor and click on the left click.
  • Once you shoot a bubble, it will be stopped when it touches another bubble.
  • Also, you are able to use bounced shoots by the sides of the screen.

The Basics of User Interface of Bubble Shooter Game:

Let’s see what the basic features are of the game?

  • Restart Button: This is the big orange on the right top. You can reset your game by clicking on it.
  • Score: Above the restart button, you see your actual score. Remember, it is not a high score.
  • Top 10: As you play the game and write down your name, there will be a list in the game. You can use this game to challenge your friends. You can track the status of the challenge from here.
  • Settings: The yellow button on the right bottom is the settings on the bottom. You can click on this button to handle the sound issues of the game. You are able to turn off the entire sounds or you can volume up or down from here.
  • More Games: You can see the other games of the publisher. But we don’t recommend clicking on it. Because that button directs you to an external website. This website can include unwanted content.
  • Next Bubble: You can see the next bubble from your gun.

What is the importance of bounced shoots?

Bounced shoots in Bubble Shooter is a useful shoot if you need to go further by avoiding touching irrelevant bubbles.

  • You will play Bubble Shooter Game perfect when you learn how to use a bounced shoot. Its basic usage is the following.
  • Aim your shot towards the side of the screen. The bubble you shot will be following a path in accordance with your shooting angle.
  • It is a pretty risky shoot, but you should use it in case of an emergency.

What if there are not three of the same bubbles or they are not accessible?

You will experience this scenario multiple times when you play Bubble Shooter Game. To avoid losing the game, you should shoot the irrelevant bubbles with different colors towards the emptier and area of the screen. Try to group different bubbles with their colors.

The Walkthrough of Bubble Shooter Game:

In this section, we will go further in our legendary game Bubble Shooter Game. Come, take a seat near us. We are going to play legendarily.

  • As we open the Bubble Shooter Game, the game suddenly starts. We have a green bubble. If we successfully shoot this bubble crosswise, we will be able to explode 6 bubbles at the same time. We aim it. Kaboom! We did it, folks.
  • The next bubble is a red one. We shoot the other shoot a bit crosswise again. Our target is four bubbles in a row. What would be done if they intercept? They will explode! Like a tank shell!
  • Boom! We did it again, my friends. Five of the red ones explode.
  • The next bubble is a blue one. Guys, we are lucky. If we make a vertical shoot, we will be responsible for the explosion of 7 blue bubbles in a row. Let’s do this!
  • We did it again. Well done! We shoot wisely.
  • The next bubble is a pink one. Unfortunately, there are no any pinks on the front line. We look for the best possible location to shoot it. We decide to shoot it into a pit created by the past explosions.
  • We shoot it vertically. Man, there is no other pinks in anywhere. Obviously, the game makes fun of us.
  • The next ball is a red one. We shoot it towards another red bubble. It did not explode. Because there are no other balls there. By the way, our score is 140 at the same time.
  • Anyway, the show must go on! The next bubble we have is a green one. We see two green bubbles together, but it is a hard shoot. We try to shoot a bouncing shoot. Aw, man! The ball touches a yellow ball.
  • You can continue for us.


How many levels are there in the bubble shooter game original?

When you play bubble shooter game unlimited on, it is quite possible that you can wonder how many levels there in bubble shooter game original are. Hang on, folks! You will get your answer. The actual level number of Bubble Shooter game is… Wait for it! It is coming! There are more than 3500 levels in the original Bubble Shooter Game. So, you will always be able to find a great bubble shooter level to play. Man! You can blow off some steam whenever you want. That’s awesome!

Is Bubble Pop a free game?

Bubble Shooter Game is also known as Bubble Pop. Since our beloved game Bubble Shooter is one of the bubble shooter games play free online now, Bubble Pop is free, too. You will always play this awesome game without paying for it. You will be happy without any payment. The people who think happiness is not free should reconsider their lame thought.

How do you withdraw money from the bubble shooter game?

Unfortunately, there is nothing like this. You don’t pay for Bubble Shooter Game, so you can’t withdraw money from the game. As we said, the game is totally free. Come here, and enjoy a great game experience of a free online bubble shooter game.

How can I get a high score in MPL bubble shooter?

You can get a higher score in Bubble Shooter Game by following these principles.

  • Accuracy: One of the most important features of Bubble Shooter Game is the accuracy of your shoots. You should shoot the area that needs to be shot. Since the bubble you shot stops on the first bubble it touched, you should avoid creating irrelevant stacks of bubbles. Each irrelevant stack will be paving the way through your loss.
  • Time: In the Bubble Shooter Game, time will be working against you. Tick tack, tick tack, tick tack… You are losing as the seconds are being spent. Because the stacks of bubbles will be approaching if you don’t clear them on time, you will be facing sudden death.
  • Bouncing Shoots: One of the greatest game mechanics in Bubble Shooter Game is to use a bouncing shoot. Once you shoot a bubble to the sides of the screen the bubble you shoot will be bouncing and tracking a path in accordance with your shooting angle. You should use this shoot to achieve the dead spots on the screen because of the branched structure of the bubbles.

How do you score more in bubble wipeout?

When you play with our pretty bubbles you should give attention to the following things on the above as accuracy, time, and the usage of bouncing shots.

Can I play Bubble Shooter Game on my mobile device?

Yes, you can play Bubble Shooter Game on your Android and iOS devices. Since uses the wonderful IT structure of Unity WebGL, you can play this legendary puzzle game on all mobile devices. By the way, there is no need to download this game. The only thing you need to do is play this game from your web browser. We recommend using Google Chrome or Safari.

Why is Bubble Shooter Game still popular among players?

This legendary puzzle game is a classic game among players around the world. Why?

Because a bubble shooter game has the most entertaining features that a game should have. What are those features?

  • The most important one is the usage of colors. By using colors, the developers were able to form a great puzzle.
  • The other one is the challenge of timing, if you are not able to play the game fast by thinking fast and acting fast, you will be falling. This is a great challenge for a gamer.
  • Rather than lame and easy casual games, bubble shooter games are harder games to play. You should be talented to play these bubble shooter games.
  • Also, the randomness of the game makes the factor of luck crucial. So, it is not a pure talent and strategy game like chess. Rather than having a good aim and fast decisions, you should also have luck, too. Being inevitable and unexpected is a great thing in the case of a puzzle game. You can’t memorize moves. You should act in accordance with the situation. The situation can be changed at any time.