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Our aim is to make the balloon rise to the sky. But the Rise Up Balloon only rises vertically and without maneuvering. We need to clear the obstacles that he will face. Let's clear the path and get the balloon to the top.

Protect your balloon by the obstacles and send him to infinity. Use your mouse and throw aside all the bricks and long pieces. Watch your free balloon flying in the Rise Up Balloon Game.

Your goal is in the game to protect your balloon to throw aside different obstacles with moving a big dot on the screen. The game has too many chapters inside so, you have to be patient and talented for the pass this all chapters. The game is getting harder according to your processing level. You can earn money by keeping alive your balloon. With money, you can buy different balloons and boosters. Choose boosters suits to your strategy.

You have to create your own tactic against the different obstacles because, when you encounter an obstacle you must decide under 10 seconds. Be clever and make it easy.

Also, you can attend the competitions by sharing your score with us. Be a part of the leaderboard table and announce your name to other players.

Leave your comment and complaints via comment below from the bottom of the game. Share and rate the Rise Up Balloon game and follow us with social media links from the footer section.