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Rise Up Balloon

Play NowRise Up Balloon

When you look in the sky, you see the birds. They are freer than any creatures. They can fly anywhere they want. What else is as free as the birds? Balloons that rising to the sky. In some celebrations, people release balloons into the sky. They go up till they burst.

Imagine that there is a game on this. Today we present you with the most fun game ever. Rise Up Balloon is the game that you help a balloon to rise till it bursts. Your duty? Your duty is to clear the path of the balloon. At the end of the day, it will never be burst. Sounds fun, right? Not all casual games have to be boring.

How To Play Rise Up Balloon Game Online?

Even if the mechanics of the game seem obvious, it is better to have a guide. These are the basics of the game.

  • Rise Up Balloon is a casual game based on getting over the obstacles.
  • In that game, you have a balloon that rising in the sky. Your goal is to protect it from the obstacles on the above.
  • You control a circle above the balloon with your mouse. You should drag away all the obstacles above the balloon. If one of them touches the balloon, it will be bursting and fall.
  • The balloon should never burst. You can do this!

Rise Up Balloon Walkthrough

The freedom is on the skies, let’s be free

A proverb says that freedom is in the skies. So, we will be free. Let’s be our guests in our journey to freedom. This is a walkthrough.

  • When we get in the play menu, we see the most relaxing color palette ever. There are the most beautiful shades of blue. To start the game, we click on the only button on the screen.
  • We will be using our circle until our death to protect our balloon.
  • There are a few squares that are placed like a pyramid. We disintegrate them all. Their speed is high like they are particles of a blast. At this point, we understand that the speed of our mouse cursor is important. Because it is hard to protect our tiny balloon while there are fast particles around.
  • In that way, we end the first phase. The color of the sky changes. God! The color is the color of sunshine. How relaxing!
  • Now, there are no squares, these obstacles are circles. These are a bit harder than squares. Because a circle has no edges. So, we need to hit them with our cursor at the right angle.
  • We clear them all again. This phase is the third level. There are two long sticks and a bigger circle. This means we need to don’t move our ball and stay it still. In that way, we are paving the way for our balloon easily.