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Dangerous Turn Online Free Game

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In Dangerous Turn, you have to move around the bends with your car. Your main goal in this game is not to crash your car. That's why you have to be very careful when moving against the corners. If you want to get to know the game closely, you should start reading our article. In this way, you will feel ready to start a game that you will love.

Detailed Information About the Game

Before you start the game, reviewing the instructions will ensure that you live your gaming experience in the best possible way. Therefore, we recommend that you review the guideline we have prepared for you. Below are all the details about the game. Come on and start the review.

  • You have to use the mouse to move your car in the game.

    In the game, you will need to steer the car with the mouse for your car to pass the bends without crashing. In this way, your car will move in the right direction.

  • You must ensure that your car does not crash into bends.

    If you steer your car wrong in the game, the car will crash into the corner. In this case, your car will be damaged and you will have to start the game again. That's why you should pay attention to the corners.

  • You have to try to level up in the game.

    Each road in the game is on a different level. So try to pass the levels by successfully passing each bend.

  • In the game, you must avoid actions that will damage your car.

    If you steer against the corners in the game, your car will be damaged. Therefore, you should prevent your car from being damaged by doing your directions correctly.


If you have questions about the game, you are at the right place. By examining the questions we have created for you, you can find the answers to your questions. Come and start studying the questions

What Happens If You Hit The Car In The Game?

If you crash your car into the corners in the game, your car will be damaged. That's why you can't move to a new level.

What Should You Do To Pass The Corners In The Game?

To pass the bends in the game, you must make your directions slowly and accurately. In this way, the cars will pass slowly away from the bends.

How Do You Pass To Different Levels In The Game?

When you pass every corner with your car in the game, you pass to a new level. In other words, for the new level, it will be enough to pass the bends in the game in order.