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Bob The Robber

As we are proud to present you with one of the greatest old-school online 2d platformer games. Are you brave enough to be a sneaky robber? Guys, this dude is not a regular robber. He can even go into Aztec temples by being a tomb raider. We thought that these legendary game series deserve a different game category. On you are able to enjoy all the published games of Bob the Robber. In other words, you are free to take Bob the Robber to go. Let’s see why should you play Bob the Robber online unblocked from

Continuity of Bob the Robber Games

As you can see, there is a specific category on Bob the Robber games on In that way, you don’t have to play different sequels of Bob the Robber. Leaving a comfort zone like would be a terrible experience for you.

User-Friendly Advertisement Policy

To present you with a sustainable platform, having several advertisements is a must. But unlike the other platforms, we care about your user experience. The length and the location of the ads are designed to be not annoying. When you come to to play Bob the Robber Free Online, you will never be got annoyed by unnecessarily long ads. The only thing you will do is start Bob the Robber and enjoy it. Grab yourself a cup of tea. It is on house.

Basics of Bob the Robber Games

Unlike the other lame games, Bob the Robber games are created to be challenging and trigger to use your brain. Bob the Robber games are totally not for the lame people! By being a unique game, it has several game mechanics. In this section, we will be diving into the deep ocean of Bob the Robber online gameplay. You will be learning how to play Bob the Robber. Also, you can see how regular gameplay of Bob the Robber should be.

What is Bob the Robber Games?

Bob the Robber games are a classic example of old-school 2D platformer games with puzzles. Unlike the recent casual games, levels of Bob the Robber are a bit challenging. You should think and sneak in. The main character is a robber who attends several robberies. While you are playing Bob the Robber you should sneak in the places and go out without making so much noise. Are ya ready for those actions or you are just a good boi who afraid of making something manly, huh?

How should be the gameplay of Bob the Robber Games?

The goal of each level in Bob the Robber games is the same, acting fast and sneaky, looting as much as money you can. To do that you should follow the instructions below.

What are the controls of bob the robber?

The character you control in Bob the Robber is Bob. You will be using the following commands to control him.

What are the obstacles you need to get over with?

Bob the Robber games are one of the most challenging browser games ever. Why? Because there are several obstacles that you need to get over. Unlike the lame games by the other publishers, you need to use an important organ of your body. What should be this organ? Can it be the brain? Ding, ding, ding! We got a winner! You need to have abilities on playing games. Let’s see the basic obstacles in Bob the Robber games.

Metallic Lock in Bob the Robber

You know the old-fashion type locks. Once upon a time, people used them to secure their houses in the pre-historic eras. Unfortunately, some people still use them. What does Bob do to the metallic locks? He diffuses them. How?

Except for the first game, diffusing a metallic lock-in Bob the Robber is the following. When you get interacted with the lock, the game will be showing you the inner vision of the metallic lock. Inside the lock, you are able to control the middle piece of the lock. When you hold the middle piece in the middle of the lock, you should move the stick that was included by Bob by pressing the upward arrow. That’s it. You have diffused the lock successfully like a chad.

We said except for Bob the Robber 1 because to unlock a metallic lock, you just need to get interacted with the lock in the first game.

Laser Barrier in Bob the Robber

Yes, metallic locks are old-fashioned things to avoid dudes like Bob. Developers decided to put someone newer. Laser barriers are one of the obstacles you will see in Bob the Robber games. If you walk across a laser barrier, you will be failed in the level. Because the whole building will be alarmed. Remember, Bob does his job with extreme levels of stealthy. To pass through the place where the laser barrier exists, you should diffuse the electrical mechanism of the laser barrier.

To diffuse the electronic mechanism of a laser barrier, you should find the box of it. There is a yellow triangle on it. You can identify the box by the triangle. Except for Bob the Robber 1, you can only diffuse the electronic mechanism of the laser barrier by cutting the right wire of the box. When you interact with the box, you see three wires. One of them is the true wire the other two wires triggers the alarm. Tick tock, tick tock! The time is closing, mate. Which one is the true wire? You should follow the wires. The wires with red ends are the wrong wires. When you click space, you cut the wire.

We pointed out the fact that there are no such puzzles in Bob the Robber 1. You just find the electronic box and interact with it. That’s it. Bob handles the rest of the thing in the diffuse.

Electronic Locks in Bob the Robber

Another obstacle in Bob the Robber games is electronic locks. Unlike the metallic locks and laser barriers, you don’t diffuse or break anything. The thing you need to do is find the password of the electronic locks.

How do you find the passwords in Bob the Robber games? Since Bob the Robber games are based on looting you should be interacting with all the possible objects. Generally, the passwords of the locks are stored on a piece of paper. You should memorize the passwords. Don’t worry it’s not like your regular Wi-Fi passwords. The passwords are four digits. When you learn the password, you can open the doors with locked with electronic locks.

Security Cameras in Bob the Robber

One of the most challenging things in Bob the Robber games are security cameras. Most people don’t know how to overcome the security cameras in Bob the Robber Games. When you play Bob the Robber, you should avoid being in the sight of any security camera. How?

The cameras in Bob the Robber games move frequently. When the camera is directed towards the direction you don’t exist, you should move and stand just under the camera. This place is the blind spot of the cameras. When the camera turns again, you are free to go. Also, the shadows can come in handy. If a camera spots you and the exclamation mark on it turns yellow, you can hide in the shadow by don’t move. The camera will be ignoring you. Because you know, Bob is a camouflage master.

Unfortunately, you can’t disable the cameras, you should be aware of the existence of them. Remember, being a cold-blooded and sneaky robber is the key factor of Bob the Robber games. You should be wiser than the ninjas in Japan. Also, you should be sneakier than the intelligence agents.

Guards in Bob the Robber

Another aspect in Bob the Robber games are guards. You can think of guards as a moving security camera with a human body. But luckily, you can diffuse the guards. We mean you can knock them out. Basically, you approach them from their back and click space. This issue is different in Bob the Robber 3. When Bob touches a guard from his back, Bob handles the situation himself.

Some of the guards can’t be knocked down. These guards can be identified by their weapons, their tattoos and bigger bodies, their plasters. (in Japan, mummies are guards LOL) Basically, you can knock down the guards with beards and robots.

If a guard sees you and can’t knock him down in 2 seconds, the whole building will be knowing that you exist in the building. In other words, you fail.

How many Bob the robber games are there?

As you can see on the above of that text, there are 8 different Bob the Robber games. You can play all of them on We host all the published Bob the Robber games. As you can see, we opened a different category for them. That folk deserves this approach. Huh?

What is the code for Bob the robber?

When you play Bob the Robber, you want to find the codes for electronic doors. 0170 and 0160 are the most common passwords for the doors but unfortunately, you should find the papers to use that codes. Otherwise, the doors don’t accept that codes.

Who made Bob the robber?

Even if most people love Bob the Robber games a few of them wonder who developed that legendary game series. The developer of Bob the Robber games is Meow Beast Flazm. Those guys are total geniuses. Don’t you think that way?

How do you get past the security cameras in Bob the robber?

Even if we have explained how to pass across the security cameras with our friend Bob, it would be better to clarify once again. Because this question is one of the frequently asked questions on Bob the Robber. First, you should look for an opportunity to sneak in just under the security camera. The blind spot of security cameras is their bottom. You should wait there. When the camera changes the angle again you can go. Also, you can get the advantage of shadows. If a camera spots you and there is a shadow in just the place you stay, you can wait for a while. The camera will be ignoring you. When the camera turns again you are free to go.

How do you knock the guards down in Bob the Robber 3?

Unlike the other games of Bob the Robber 3, you don’t use the space key to attack the guards. The only thing you need to do is approach the guard from his back. Our fellow Bob will be handling the situation.

Can I play bob the robber mobile?

Yes, you are able to play the bob the robber games on mobile devices. Because this game is a browser game. The only thing you need is a web browser to play bob the robber on mobile devices like Android and iOS.

Can I play bob the robber with my friends?

Unfortunately, you can’t play bob the robber with your friends. This game has no multiplayer game mode. Also, the game has no competitive mechanics.