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Bob the Robber 3

Play NowBob the Robber 3

It seems like our glorious robber Bob the Robber goes on a military operation. The government needs his talents to knock down the enemy. Obviously, this is a good trade-off.

When you are playing Bob the Robber 3 you will be able to use all the cool stuff to pass the levels. Isn’t it great? Come on! This is a call of duty. Bob the Robber needs you.

Basics of Bob the Robber 3:

If you are a Bob the Robber games enjoyer you might think that you can easily handle this game, too. Bob the Robber 3 is a bit different than the other games of Bob the Robber. Let’s see why.

  • Bob the Robber 3 is a 2d platformer game based on puzzles. You can sense a notion of old-school games. You control our legendary robber Bob.
  • This time Bob is not on a duty based on robbery. He works for an intelligence service to gather the enemy’s intel. Cool, huh?
  • You can control Bob the Robber by “W, A, S, D” or the arrows on the keyboard.
  • One of the most important things in the game is interaction. You can do that with the game objects by holding the key “W” or upward arrow.
  • You should avoid being in the sight of security cameras. If you appear on the vision of them for more than 2 seconds, you fail the level.
  • You can handle the guards by touching them from their backs. Bob will take ‘em suddenly.
  • To open a lock, you should move the middle piece of the lock and hold it in the middle to diffuse it. You should click on the “W” or upward arrow to do that.
  • To end the levels, you should first, go to the place with yellow arrows. After that, there will be a place with green arrows. This area is the ending point for each level.

Bob the Robber 3 Unblocked

For us, the third game of Bob the Robber is a masterpiece. In this adventure, Bob works for the intelligence service of the country. In other words, this is a call of duty. Bob puts on some cool gears and sneaks in the base of the harmful terrorist organizations. How cool gadgets? A full black suit and a night vision tool. This is the coolest thing, man.

A Walkthrough on Bob the Robber 3:

We will be helping our little Bob the Robber on a military mission. Will you join us in this patriot mission? It will be a walkthrough.

  • As we start the game, the game shows us the background of this game. Just after that, the game starts without any menus.
  • We loot a letter from the boxes on the place we start. We go downstairs. Aw, man! There is a security camera here. We get over with it with a few sneaky moves. First, we come under the camera when the camera was turned to the other side. When the camera turns into the place that we come from we go. Brilliant!
  • There is a locked door, but we can’t open it. We need the gadget to open it. We go downstairs knock the guard down and take the gadget.
  • We go back upstairs to open the locked door. We loot the letters and go to the bottom of the map by using stairs.
  • There is a lock to break. We break this lock by making move the middle of it. As the middle of the lock moves, we try to hold still on the middle. When this happens, we break the lock and open it. Awesome!
  • We go to the green field to end the level. That’s all, folks. We end the level.


Can I select the number of levels I play in Bob the Robber 3?

Unfortunately, you are not able to choose the level you play. Because the story starts just from the first level and there is no going back. Because Free Bob the Robber 3 Unblocked has a more serious storyline. You should follow the orders.

Can I play Bob the Robber 3 no download?

Yes, you are able to play Free Bob the Robber 3 Online without downloading it. This is an online browser game that you can play from all devices.

Are there any fights in Bob the Robber 3?

When you play Free Bob the Robber 3 Unlimited, the only fight is taking down the guards. This is not a fighting game. The only thing you need to do is acting sneaky.