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Bob The Robber 2

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If you enjoy fun puzzle games then you can play Bob the Robber 2 whenever you want.

This game consists of stages and you are going to control a cute bandit. You will break into buildings with many floors and try to steal important documents. Of course, you will also steal some money for yourself too, but for a good purpose. The story of the game is quite interesting and we highly recommend you watch it before you start playing. In this way, the game will make more sense. You will also get 5 stars when you complete the stage without any problem which will provide extra benefits for you.

Play Bob the Robber 2

When you play Bob the Robber 2, you need to have enough patience against some mechanics. For example, you should avoid security cameras and even hide in the shadows without moving. There are also some lasers, robots and so on that, you need to avoid. You can counter every mechanic with some skills and patience. There is a certain room that you need to reach on every stage and you will have to unlock doors, use elevators, avoid security measures and much more. Without a doubt, this game is one of the most fun games ever in the puzzle games category.

How to Play Bob the Robber 2?

You will use WASD keys to move and arrow keys to interact with your environment. There are also some notes on the rooms that remind you of the controls before you need to avoid specific mechanics. You can loot the furniture by pressing the up arrow key. In this way, you will earn extra dollars. Space key allows you to hit objects such as robots. You will also have to use your arrow keys to open locked rooms. You can play Bob the Robber 2 now and enjoy an awesome game.