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Bob the Robber 2 Adventure Online Game

Play NowBob the Robber 2 Adventure Online Game

Continues With Extreme Levels Of Fun!: Have you ever played Bob the Robber 1 and liked it? Great! We have a better game of this series. Bob the Robber 2 is an old-school 2d platformer game that you will be get entertained while you play it.

This game is not one of the lame new types of games. You need to use your brain to pass the levels. You should be the sneaky robber to pass the levels skillfully. It is a craft.

Basics of Bob the Robber 2:

Welcome to the extended version of Bob the Robber. Bob the Robber 2 has superior features to the first game. Let’s see.

Bob the Robber 2 is an old-school 2d platformer and adventure game. Your goal is to loot the places you get in by your character Bob and go away.

Bob the Robber 2 Controls:

  • You use “W, A, S, D” or the arrows on the keyboard to control Bob.
  • To get interacted with the objects, you should hold the “W” or upward arrow.
  • To break the metal locks, you should move the middle of the locks and hold on to the same line. After you do that, you should click “W” or the upward arrow to open the lock.
  • To diffuse the electronic locks, you should find the code to open them. You can find the codes near the locks. After you learn the code you should type it and click on enter.
  • To diffuse the laser barriers, you should find their boxes and cut the right wire. It is an easy puzzle to solve.

Bob the Robber 2 Unblocked

You are able to play the online game Bob the Robber 2 on for free. In the second sequel of the game, Bob’s ultimate goal is to rob the bank. To do that, he conquers the city phase by phase. By that game, we see more complex diffusion puzzles for locks, laser barriers, and guards. Unlike the first game, we can’t knock all the guards down. We should go harder to diffuse the locks and laser barriers. If you play games, you should challenge yourself. Play Bob the Robber 2 Unblocked to be a part of the gang to rob the bank. Let’s move!

A Walkthrough on Bob the Robber 2:

Have you heard about Bob the Robber 1? Trust us Bob the Robber 2 is way much better than it. We dive into this game. Will you join us?

  • We start the game. We see the situation that our glorious robber Bob is escaping from a psycho man with zombies and rockets. Wow! This game seems more interesting and extreme than the first game.
  • We click on the play game to continue.
  • The game tells a story. We pass it. We see a level selection area. We click on the first level to play the game.
  • We start from a living room. There is money in the cabinet and the drawer. We loot them.
  • We go downstairs by looting every object. Unbelievable! They keep money in the fridge, too.
  • There is a security camera. We hide in the shadows, it ignores us. We continue.
  • There is a lock the break. We break it by matching the middle of it with the ends. It is broken.
  • Just after that, we see an electronic lock. The letter there says, its code is 0610. We enter this code, and the door opens. We go downstairs.
  • Wow! There is a laser barrier. To get over it, we go downstairs and deactivate the electronic mechanism by cutting the right wire. It was the first wire, by the way.
  • After that, we go back upstairs. And continue to go further.
  • We use the elevator and go downstairs. There is a guard robot on the bottom of the map. We take it out and acquire the mission objectives by going upstairs. Once we did it, we go back to the green place to end the level.


How can I pass across the places where security cameras exist in Bob the Robber 2?

It is easy to handle passing across the security cameras in Free Bob the Robber 2 Online. To do that, you should wait just under the camera. The blind spot of them is there. After that run!

Can I play Bob the Robber 2 on iOS devices?

Yes, you can play Bob the Robber 2 on Android and iOS without download. Because it is a browser game that you play with your web browser and this is very secure.

How many levels are there in Bob the Robber 2?

There are 12 different levels with different difficulty levels. You are able to play all of them in free Bob the Robber 2 unblocked.