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Emoji Game

Play NowEmoji Game

Not all games have to be hard like action or shooter games. Guys! Games are just for having fun.

Emoji Game is one of these fun games. In that game, the only thing you need to do is to match different emojis between them. By that game, you can explore different emojis that you actually don’t know.

Basics of Emoji Game

It might be harder than you thought. Let’s learn the basic facts about Emoji Game.

  • Emoji Game is a casual puzzle game based on matching emojis. It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy.
  • You will use your mouse to match the emojis.
  • First, you click on an emoji to match it. To match this emoji with another emoji, you should click on the other emoji that you think is relevant to it.
  • For example, you see a kissing emoji and there is a lovely emoji. You should click both of them to match.

A Walkthrough on Emoji Game

Let’s solve easy tests to become happy. Every day we see emojis, let’s match ‘em all!

  • When we start Emoji Game, we find ourselves in the game without any menu.
  • We match the bee with the flower. That’s better.
  • The head of the pig should be with the nose of the pig. It’s not rocket science, dudes.
  • The umbrella goes to the windy weather emoji.
  • Great! We did this level successfully!
  • We go to the next level.
  • The yawning emoji goes through the emoji that sleeps. You yawn before you sleep, right?
  • The kiss emoji goes through the emoji in love. You become happy and fall in love after you kiss someone, isn’t it?
  • Obviously, the high-temperature emoji goes well with the masked man emoji.
  • Marvelous! We did this level legendarily! We pass to the next level.
  • The snow emoji goes through the snowman. This is what it is made of.
  • Well, when the wild wind blows, we see a beautiful rainbow after it. So, the rainbow emoji matches with the windy emoji.
  • The last one is the emoji that desires a donut. Mmmh... Donut...
  • We did it again! The level ends.


Can I play Emoji Game with my friends?

You can’t play Free Emoji Game Online with your friends. Because it is a basic browser game without multiplayer mode.

Can I play Emoji Game on my mobile devices?

You can play Free Emoji Game Unblocked on your mobile devices freely. You should tap on the screen then clicking on it.

I made a wrong match. How can I unmatch?

To cancel a match, you made in Free Emoji Game Unlimited, you should click the emoji again. In that way, you can diffuse a match. You can do this if you make a mistake in Emoji Game Online.