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Space Blaze 2 Game

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Those who enjoy playing space and shooting games may really love this game and play Space Blaze 2 game in their free time.

You are going to control a spaceship in this amazing game and beat your opponents by shooting them. There will be hundreds of spaceships that try to destroy you but you have to act quicker and eliminate all of them before they do the same for you. The game consists of stages and your goal is the same in all stages, which is eliminating all of the spaceships and then destroy the final boss.

Space Blaze 2 Game

The concept of the game is quite simple as we described in the above paragraph. Your spaceship has limited health and you receive damage whenever enemy spaceships manage to hit you. When you run out of your health, you will lose the stage and have to start from the beginning. In addition to this, your health will be renewed once you complete the stage. We believe that you will have plenty of good time when you play Space Blaze 2. Without a doubt, we can highly recommend you to not miss your chance to play such a beautiful game.

How to Play Space Blaze 2 game?

You do not need too many keys for the controls when you play Space Blaze 2 game. Your spaceship will shoot automatically and all you need to do is provide directions to your ship. You will have to use your mouse in order to provide these directions. In addition to steering to left and right, you can also move back and forth to avoid the bullets of enemy spaceships. We would like to note that this game is highly addictive, and you may play it for many hours without noticing the time. Therefore, you need to be careful to spend too much time.

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