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Sector 781

Play NowSector 781

    Hey folks! If you are into retro games, you are on the right page. We present you with a cool free battle game to play online with lots of different opportunities. You will be fighting with the enemy creatures.

    They are trying to find your weakest moments. There will be different kinds of enemies with different movements. Watch carefully and destroy them by fire. Collect the weapons and energy to develop your character. Let’s dive into the game!

    Learn Sector 781 Step by Step

    If you cannot wait to start the game right away, you can read the following. Then, you will be ready to beat the enemies!

    1. Firstly, you should click the page and then to the “NEW GAME” with your mouse. You can press on the “Enter” key as well. For playing the game you will only need your keyboard.
    2. You can see the map of the game by pressing on the M key for dominating the game. For moving around, you can use either the arrow keys or W, A, S, and D keys. For jumping, you can press on the “space” key or C key. If you are going to fire, you should use the C key or “Shift” key.
    3. You will start the game with 4 lives and the game is including 3 different fields. Also, there are 3 levels in the game that involves 25 parts for each. Prepare yourself for 7 different creatures that will be your enemies.
    4. As you move, you will encounter different types of creatures. Some of them move fast, some of them are jumping and some of them are doing nothing. You must avoid them as much as you can or just fire on them to kill. If you touch any of them one of your lives will be wasted. You can touch the enemies a maximum of four times, then the game is failed.
    5. You can use teleports for travel around the fields. As you are playing you can collect weapons and shards. Shards will increase your energy. As you collect those the character will be improved.
    6. After the game is failed, you can start the game over. The collected items will be saved.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Sector 781

    The faqs are answered for you to clear the question marks in your mind. Let’s review them!

    Can I destroy the creatures by stepping on them?

    No, you cannot. You can only destroy them by fire or just running away from them.

    Can I change the parts by clicking on them by map?

    No, you cannot. You just can see your location from the map.

    What if I fall into gaps on the roads?

    There is nothing to worry about. You just will pass into another part of the game.