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Xmas Magic Tiles

Play Now Xmas Magic Tiles

Xmas Magic Tiles is a super game that is full of music and fun. Play Now!

Hey buddy, are you ready for an amazing game? If you like music, and if you are interested in the piano, this game is perfect for you! Let’s talk more about the Xmas Magic Tiles.

Xmas Magic Tiles is a magnificent game that is based on piano-based notes that you should keep up. You should tap or click the green boxes that are going under on the screen.

Your main goal is to not miss any of them and do not tap or click anywhere else except the green boxes.

Do you think it is boring? Do not rush! It is more than that! You have to follow the notes carefully, even if you miss one of them, you will fail! And if you think it will be slow, you are wrong. As time goes, the music will be faster, and as a result, the notes you have caught will be faster too.

We assure you, Xmas Magic Tiles is very fun! If you are interested, we want to talk more about the Xmas Magic Tiles before you play it.

What is more about the Xmas Magic Tiles?

  • Use a controller
  • Xmas Magic Tiles is a game that you should use a controller. If you are playing this game from a device with a touchable screen, you should follow the boxes with your finger. If you are playing this game from the computer, use the left click from your mouse or trackpad.

  • Christmas kinds of music will make you will like it is a holiday time
  • There is an amazing song! They will bring you so much joy. You will feel like it is December time and you are sitting next to the Christmas tree. Such a heartwarming scenario, right? Pieces of music that you are playing in the Xmas Magic Tiles will make you feel the same way!

  • How fast can you be?
  • The main goal of this game is to follow boxes fastly. You have to be fast as you can to be successful. It is harder than you think. But we believe you can!

  • Can you reach the highest score?
  • How far can you go? We think you might accomplish the highest score, of course, you should try first! It may not be at your first time, but eventually, you will be playing like a pro.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Xmas Magic Tiles

If you decided to play the Xmas Magic Tiles, we prepared some frequently asked questions that we thought might help you while playing the game.

Can I Pause The Xmas Magic Tiles?

Yes, you can pause the game and continue where you left whenever you want to.

What Does Happen If I Tap Another Place On The Screen?

Unfortunately, if you tap another place instead of the green boxes, you fail and you have to restart the game.