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No doubt, winter is the best season of the year. You don’t sweat all the liquids in your body. The weather is not hot. You can wear gorgeous jackets. And guess what? What is the most amazing thing about the winter? Yes, snow. You can play with snow. Who loves summer by the way? Just the lame people who do lame activities like sunbathing or swimming. There is no need to mention the tan lines. Gross!

When you play this game, you will be able to be part of a snow war any time you want. Even in the miserable days of summer.

Basics of

Even if is an easy peasy lemon squeezy game, but there is something to tell you. Every player needs guides. Don’t be ashamed of it.

  • is an io game that you can play via your browser. Your goal is to become the bigger snowman in the server while don’t die.
  • In the game, you control a snowman. To move your snowman, just move your cursor on the screen.
  • To throw a snowball, click the left mouse click.
  • The red snowflakes enhance the damage of your snowball.
  • The red icon of “>” helps you to go faster.
  • You become bigger by collecting tiny particles on the map.
  • Some red snowflakes can make you faster shoot the snowballs. Try to take ‘em all.
  • You can dodge the snowballs thrown towards you by your mouse movements.
  • The snowball shoots have a range. Try to be in the range to kill your opponent snowmen.
  • Kill ‘em all! In that case, melt ‘em all, folks. Walkthrough: It’s Freezing Out There, We will be freezing to death

We will be playing together this extremely fun game. You know, winter is the best. Let’s grab our snowman.

  • The game starts with a text area that you can type your name down. The background seems cold. There are ices everywhere. We determine our name as Gramsci. That’s a cool name. And we click the green play button to start.
  • Our snowman spawns in an empty place. We collect the particles around us to become bigger.
  • There are lots of snowmen. We take two of them by collecting a red snowflake. By that snowflake, we were able to throw snowball like we have minigun that shooting snowballs.
  • We continue to grow. Three snowmen are on our path. They chase us. We find a way to get rid of them. By taking two red speeder particles. In that way, we are faster than them.
  • Our snowman grows and grows. But we take so much damage, it’s hard to endure. The snow particles that we collected are not enough to revive our health. We die as the second player in the server with our honor.
  • God! It’s like a polar area. Too cold!