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Cyber City Online Game

Play NowCyber City Online Game

Let’s say, you live in a crueler world in the future. There is nothing interesting to see on the ground. What would you do in that case? It’s obvious, guys. You would be hanging out on the top of the buildings that exist.

Cyber City is the hyper-casual action game that you hang around on the top skyscrapers in the future. There are cars that floating around the sky. How? This is the future, man! Play this game in the future and stay alive. How can it be hard, right?

Basics of Cyber City Game:

Let’s see some basic facts that you will need when you play Cyber City.

  • Cyber City is a hyper-casual action game. You control a stickman.
  • The main objective you have is to survive on the top of skyscrapers.
  • Another goal you have is to rob the other stickmen you see.
  • Try to not fall from the sky.
  • You can move the character by “W, A, S, D” or the arrows on your keyboard.
  • You can beat the other stickmen by space key or the left click.
  • To jump from a building to another one, you should go to the end of the building, your character will be jumping to another building.
  • Don’t jump through higher buildings, you can’t stick the landing.

A Walkthrough on Cyber City:

The city in Cyber City is a place that hard to survive. Especially, if you are on the top of a cyberpunk city that cars floating around.

  • As we start the Cyber City on, we click on the big red button to continue.
  • The game gives us some instructions. We pass them by clicking on the instructions.
  • We find ourselves on the top of a skyscraper. We need to find and robe the other stickmen.
  • There are two stickmen on the top of the skyscraper next to us. We go there and punch on their face. This is what they deserve! After that, we collect their money. Oh no! They fell down the building. Anyway, who cares? Not us!
  • We jump to another building. Gosh! There are more than 4 stickmen here. They beat us and we fall down from the skyscraper. The game is over.


Can I play free Cyber City online with my friends?

No, you can’t play Cyber City unlimited with your friends since there is no multiplayer mode in it.

Are there any levels in Cyber City Unblocked?

No, since free Cyber City is a hyper-casual game, there are no levels. You just trying to get a higher score.

How can I rob more money in Cyber City?

Every time you punch another stickman, it will be dropping money. You should punch again and again to get more money in a free cyber city online.