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Ladybug First Date

Play NowLadybug First Date

Ladybug First Date offers you to create beauty. We have prepared a super fun and sweet game for you. Create a beautiful look and get the girl ready for her date with this fun game. It is up to you to create a fun and beautiful look. If you find decorating and makeup fun, you will love this game. Join the fun with its easy gameplay and different sections.

How about reading the directions before you start playing our super fun game? You will play the game easily with the game information we have prepared for you. Let's take a look at the directions we offer you.

Kissing Game: Information About The Best Game Ladybug

  • You need a mouse or touchscreen to play the game.
  • There are many sections in the game. In these sections, you will prepare the girl for her date. You have to click on the items to make the clothes and make-up in the sections. You can click on the items with the mouse or the touch screen.

  • You have to try to pass the 3 levels in order in the game.
  • You have to clean the girl in the first part of the game. Then you have to do the steps shown for the girl in order. In the second stage, you choose girl’s outfits as you wish. Then, in the 3rd part, you have to kiss your boyfriend on your date without getting caught by the people around you.

  • In the game, you must run away from your friends and

    your teacher and not get caught by them.

  • While you are kissing your boyfriend on your date, your teacher and your friends try to catch you. You have to kiss him without getting caught. When you see them, you should leave the kiss without pressing the click button.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Game

You may have questions about the game. We wanted to share the answers to frequently asked questions with you.

You can find the answers to your questions by examining the questions and answers below. Come on and have a look.

How Can We Pass The Levels In The Ladybug Game?

For you to skip the chapters, you must take turns getting the beautiful girl ready for the date. After completing the cleaning, make-up, outfit selection, and kissing on the date, you will have completed the game.

Can We Pause The Ladybug Game?

It is not possible to stop the game while playing. There is no time limit in the first two chapters. At those stages, you can leave the sections and continue. But in the 3rd stage, you must act fast so that you do not get caught by your teacher and his friends. That's why you can't quit the game.

In The 2nd Stage, Can We Choose The Clothes We Want?

In the 2nd stage of the game, your clothes and hair choices are optional. You can choose any of the many alternatives offered to you.