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Supermarket Mania

Play Now Supermarket Mania

Want to play something super cool? Supermarket Mania is just waiting for you. Complete your duties and dominate all the parts of it. Come and play the game!

Hey there! Do you want to explore some game new? We are offering you a long-lasting super fun game that you cannot get enough of.

Supermarket Mania has several parts in it which are all so fun. You will have different duties to complete at each level. We are sure that you will fully complete them. Do some shopping, cut some fruits in a short time, and follow the recipe. If you are ready, let’s come and enjoy the game!

Here are all you need before you start the game. Take a look at the following and enjoy every second of the game!

Get Ready Yourself for Supermarket Mania

  • Click the start button and let the game begin. There are six parts of the game, and you will move through as you complete the previous one. For each part, you will have different duties, and you should complete them to move on.
  • In the first part you will have a shopping list and you have to add the written items to the cart. Be careful about the amount of the items and add as many as necessary. You should drag the items by the mouse which is required for every part except the Fruit Slice and Food Collecting parts.
  • The second part there will be garbage in different types and you have to classify them and throw them into the bins. In the Fruit Slice part, you will cut the fruits when you click on them but avoid clicking on bombs otherwise you will be failed. Try to cut the maximum amount of fruits in 60 seconds.
  • After that, you will see a dirty room that needs cleaning in the different parts of the room. You will figure out what you need to use them specifically. On the next, you will be given a recipe and you should add to the mixer the ingredients in the correct order.
  • At last, there will be different kinds of food on the catalog and you should click on what food you see on the band and add them to the basket. Try to collect the maximum amount of food in 30 seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions About Supermarket Mania

Here are the faqs and answers about Supermarket Mania to clear your mind. Let’s take a look at them.

Can I start the game from the part I want?

Yes, you can! You can choose from the page where the parts are shown.

What happened if I choose the wrong ingredient on the Food Maker part?

Don’t worry. You will be given a new recipe right away.

When I complete all the parts, can I start over again?

Of course, you can! You can play all the parts as much as you want.