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Wasteland Warriors Online Free

Play NowWasteland Warriors Online Free

An Online War of All Against All is a Game: Throughout history, man always fought each other. Folks, this is a cry of mankind, an infinite war of all against all. Why? For the glory! For the honor! Even Thor fought his brother to show the fact that he was deserved the legacy of the kings.

In recent days, there are battle royals everywhere. We will present you with a totally great one. Wasteland Warriors is the game that you will be able to play by your web browser with a regular computer. So, do you know what? Sit down your chair and open this game. Now!

How to Play Wasteland Warriors? and Basics of Wasteland Warriors:

This is a cry of mankind. An eternal war of all against all in a post-apocalypse. Let’s learn how do you play.
  • Wasteland Warriors is a battle royal game. You try to kill every living entity in a post-apocalyptic world. There are mutants and other people.
  • You use “W, A, S, D” to move your character.
  • To aim use your mouse cursor.
  • Use the left click of your mouse to shoot.
  • Collect medic kits to restore your health.
  • The rocket icon kits will increase your damage.
  • If you kill in a row, the other players can be cooperating to eliminate you.

Wasteland Warriors Walkthrough

Let’s be a part of this infinite war of all against all, together.

As we mentioned earlier, this is an eternal cry of mankind. So, let’s go together and experience this eternal activity. Who knows, maybe we will need to learn.

  • As we open the game, we see the text written to tap to start. We click on the screen because we use our browser to open the game. We access the start menu. There are two people who direct guns towards each other. One of them is a human the other one is a zombie.
  • There are three buttons on the screen. The first one is to play the game. The second one is to arrange the game settings. The other one is to see the instructions for the game. We click on the play button.
  • We see a character selection screen. There is four option. We select Max. We can enter names. Let’s recall our legendary NYPD detective Max Payne. We click on start to play the game.
  • We see the map. We click on the screen to spawn. Our character spawns by digging a hole from the ground. It seems so nice. This is a war against all. We kill a mutant and two people. But our health has decreased dramatically. Anyway, we find a medic set. A proverb says that old soldiers never die, eh.
  • literally rule the entire map. It seems like mutants and the other people are cooperating to kill us. But they don’t even look like us, huh! Losers.
  • They ambush us while we reload. We die with our honor and the legacy of our name.