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Wasteland Warriors is a real-time multiplayer game in which you have to kill enemies to upgrade the level.

Before playing the game, you can choose from 4 different characters each with a unique weapon. In this game, you have to eliminate the two zombies that surround the earth and the other players.

Press and hold the left mouse button to fire faster and grab medication sets. Remember to get a booster when your damage doubles. Stay alive as long as you can and remove your name to the top point. Press L to move to move the WASD, press R to reload, and press T to display the scores.

The game serves you a tutorial before starting the game the purpose of this, prepare you to war against zombies. If you want to be a 1.st place on the leaderboard you have to kill all the zombies. Use your guns effectively and fight arm in arm with your friends against zombies.

This game brings a lot of things you can't imagine it.

Don't be a shy share your experiences with your teammates and show your best tactics in the warzone. All people destinations in the world in your hand, everybody praying for you.

If you want to save the earth from zombies you should gain experiences fighting with the enemies. Don't pity, try to kick out all the zombies from the earth. Send them to the planet.

When you pass the level your boss level bar increases it's mean you can encounter with the boss at any level. If you don't want to be defeated against the boss you must upgrade your weapons and armors from the shop. You can buy equipment with ep(experience point)

It is great to walk, to shoot zombies (who are also shooting unexpectedly) and other enemies, in order to survive in the apocalyptic world.

The game has a fascinating landscape.

It is very exciting to watch the appearance of the new players. At first, they are immortal, so don't spend ammo on them, you will need it in the nearest future.

You can invite your friends to a game. Try to be a grateful group and hunt down zombies. This game is best if you want to spend your free time.

Game tactics and tips: Use your pistols for range this is your best advantage in the game. Avoid fighting close range with zombies. If you find yourself fighting with boss don't be afraid reload your gun and shoot his weak point.

Pick up your pistol and join the destiny war...

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Teo Lion
Teo Lionabout 610 ago
it is a enjoyable game.