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Icy Beard Makeover

Play NowIcy Beard Makeover

Are you bored of all those styling games that have no background story? Looking for something you can relate to? Here is Icy Beard Makeover! Where you are a barber shaving or styling beard of Kristoff from Frozen. Give him the best beard he ever had to charm his precious princess!

Features of Icy Beard Makeover

Every step of shaving is available! You can choose which equipment to use! With different shaving equipment, you can give many styles of cuts to Kristoff! Icy Beard Makeover is also a free online game. Meaning that you can play it without paying anything!

How to Play Icy Beard Makeover?

The controls are very simple. You can use your mouse or finger to drag and use the shaving items.

Game Walkthrough of Icy Beard Makeover

First things first you need to connect to the internet. Then go to free online gaming website.

Search Icy Beard Makeover is the website browser and click play. You will see two different game modes for shaving and styling.

Styling mode: In this mode, you do not just cut every single hair on Kristoff’s face. You try to give him a fashionable style! The styling is done in t steps.

  1. Moisturizing: Done by a good old spray bottle.
  2. Combing: A special beard comb is drawn through the facial hair.
  3. Cutting: Can be done with either an electric razor or a pair of scissors. Each piece of the instrument will give you a different style.
  4. After the cutting step, you can shampoo the beard and rinse it. Now your freshly groomed prince is ready!

Shaving mode: Here you are trying to give our prince a nice clean cut! This model also has its steps.

  1. Trimming: First, trim the beard using an electric razor.
  2. Apply shaving cream: A good amount of shaving cream is a must for a smooth cut!
  3. Pick a razor: Now this is the main step. Pick a razor to cleanly cut Kristoff's beard.
  4. Skincare: In this step, you should prevent Kristoff from getting rashes. First, rinse the remaining cream and apply a moisturizing lotion.

Frequently Asked Questions About Icy Beard Makeover

Here we answer your frequently asked questions.

Do I have to download Icy Beard Makeover?

No, you do not! This game is streamed by so you will not have to download it. Enjoy a free game experience without wasting your storage!

Can I turn off the sounds in Icy Beard Makeover?

By clicking the sound icon on the main menu, you can easily turn on or turn off the sounds in this game.

Can I play Icy Beard Makeover on my device?

Since Icy Beard Makeover is a free online website game you can play it without a doubt on all of your smart devices like phones and tablets.