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Parking Panic

Play NowParking Panic

Children who play this game, which is both fun and instructive, can improve their intelligence. You can move the cars with your mouse and you can pass the levels.

Take a look at your logic while in the puzzle recreation Parking Panic. Cars, buses and trailers and discover a way to get your motor vehicle away from a completely crowded car parking zone. Including hurry hour, cramped inside your red motor vehicle, you will be entirely stuck. Surrounded by automobiles of various measurements, you fall short to find a way to get out of one's parking spot. As a result, you haven't any other preference. You’ll have to maneuver the automobiles and buses blocking you to definitely open up a route towards the exit.

Parking panic basically a traffic puzzle game. Your goal is to release yourself into crowded and stuck traffic. Choose the car you want to play and solve puzzles and open the traffic like a speed cop. The purpose of the game, solving the puzzles by moving other cars with the mouse to stated points and deliver your car to exit safely.

According to your talent levels are getting more harder than the starting levels. But you can earn more money if you can solve these levels under less time. And you can achieve some achievements by finishing levels. You can exhibit it in the achievement section located from your profile.

When you stuck in some position click the info button, for using valuable info. But the info is limited. If you want to increase info number, you have to solve many levels.

Click the walkthrough button if you stuck on any level, or record yourself while playing to help other players to pass hard levels. In this way, you can earn a reputation point by the players. We don't want to leave you alone in this traffic.