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Giant Rush Online Game Free

Play NowGiant Rush Online Game Free

Giant rush game is played by dragging your mouse or finger on the screen left and right. There are different colored men, fire pits, traps, barriers and color change points on the platform. Grow your body by collecting men with the same color as yours while running on the platform. Your body shrinks when you bump into guys of different colors.

When you hit the traps and barriers, you get burned and you have to start the same section again. When you pass through the color changing points, the color of the man you control changes. Your body shrinks as you pass through fire pits. As you progress on the platform, collect men of your own color and try to make your body as large as possible. When you reach the end of the platform, you fight with your enemy waiting for you and you complete the game of giant rush by killing your enemy.

More About The Game

The aim in Giant Rush game is to move on the platform and make maneuvers left and right, hitting the opponent at the end of the level by hitting them. In the beginning, the character has to collect and grow characters of similar colors. In this way, he can beat his opponent more easily. In some parts of the game platform, there are color transitions such as yellow, green, and red.

The beginning levels of the game consist of animations that introduce the game and inform the player about what to do in the game. In the last part of the level, we encounter an opponent with a crown on his head. Since our opponent grows with the characters we collect in the game, our opponent remains smaller and can be easily defeated. In cases where the opponent cannot be passed, the game waits for 10 seconds.

When it comes to the end of the level and the opponent is hit for the last time, according to the severity of the hit, the opponent falls forward rapidly on the platform with the numbers on it. Various amounts of diamonds are collected at the levels in the game. Earning extra diamonds and increasing the hit power are provided with the diamonds earned. In the game, the sound can be turned on and off and the game can be set to vibration when desired.

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