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MONSTERS.IO Online Action Game

Play NowMONSTERS.IO Online Action Game

    Monsters.IO is a multiplayer strategy and action game with a lot of fun. As its name suggests, there are monsters in the game as characters. The game can be played by up to 10 players. And what do monsters do? Eat people! There are people in the game that you are supposed to eat as a monster. By eating people you get stronger and become the leader in the game. It is also a global game, so you will face opponents all around the world. The game is a simple but fun game. By empowering your monster, you can be the greatest in the global rank. But don’t forget! A lot of people play this game, from all around the world so you need to play often to protect your ranking! With its easy controls, good graphics and, good sound effects, this game is a must for everyone who loves the combination of strategy, multiplayer and, action games! You can three all these three in one single game! What more can a gamer/action addict could want!

    How to Play The Game

    The game is a fairly simple one to play.

    • When you first enter the game you need to wait for a few seconds for the game to upload.

    • After the game loads, you will see the main page of the game. On this main page, you can change your skins with the coins you collect from the game and see your global ranking. You can also see your skills.

    • When you click on the “Play” button here, a screen will appear. On this screen, other players from all over the world are joining the game too. When the player count reaches 10, the game will start.

    • If you are playing for the first time, you will see an instruction on the screen. This instruction will tell you to move your mouse along the screen to make your character move. You can use the Arrow Keys or the “W”, “A”, “S”, and “D” buttons to move your monster.

    • There will be other monsters and people in the game area. You can eat every person however you can’t eat every monster. To eat a monster, you need to be stronger than that monster. Also do not forget that other monsters can eat you too. If a monster eats you, you die and you can either retrieve your life by watching a video or start a new game. You can also retrieve with coins.

    • “How can I get stronger?” you might ask. Well, you get stronger by eating people. The more people you eat the stronger you get and can eat other monsters. Eating monsters makes you even stronger.

    • Every time you eat something, your level will increase which you can see above your head. You can see every other monster's level too. So you can decide to eat them or stay away from them.

    • The game has a time limit you can see on the upper left side. At the end of this time, your ranking will be determined. You can be the first or the last. Also under this time limit, you can see how many people and monsters you ate.