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Love Pins

Play NowLove Pins

    No doubt, the greatest thing in the world is the gathering of two people who are in love with each other. When you go outside and see this spectacular view you will sense this. They come together and hug. To hug someone you love probably an essential thing to feel you are alive.

    Love Pins is a basic puzzle game that you will be helping a sweet couple to hug and come together. Of course, like all the love stories, there are several obstacles in front of them to get through. At that point, they will be in need of your help. Being the savior of the day is that easy. Open the game by your browser and start to help them.

    Basics of Love Pins:

    In this section, you will be learning how to play this game. Remember, every puzzle game requires a different approach to the problems. Let’s learn them.

    • Love Pins is a casual puzzle game. In the game, there is a lovely couple, a woman and a man. There are several obstacles between them. Your goal is to enable them to come together.
    • To remove an obstacle you will be using pins. To pull a pin to remove it, you should click on it.
    • Once you move the pin behind the woman, she will be walking whatever danger existed. So, try to release the woman last.
    • Sometimes there would be dangerous things between our couple. You should eliminate them to avoid any possible harm. Sometimes, you will be able to use bombs. Sometimes your tool will be magma. Interesting. They can handle magma.

    Love Pins Walkthrough

    We have an emergency. Someone needed to be hugged.

    In this section, we will be making a walkthrough of the game. You will be able to take your first impressions about Love Pins. Let’s get started.

    • As we access the opening menu of the game, we see a blue, clear, and hopeful sky. There are a few clouds on the bottom of the screen but they are friendly. A pair of eyes staring at a bow on the logo.
    • The only button we see is the start button that starts the game. We click on it to start the game.
    • We should make come together the cute couple we see. There is only one obstacle to get over with. A metallic pin. So, ding ding ding. One million dollar question… What should we do? We remove it, and they are together.
    • We go through the next level by clicking on the white “NEXT” button.
    • The next level is a bit harsh. There is a criminal dude that looks dangerous. Above the dude, there is a bomb. Under the bomb, there is a pin. First, we remove it. After that, we remove the other pins. Our lovers together again. Love wins.
    • The game goes on.