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Water Flow 1

Play NowWater Flow 1

    Would you like to relax and empty your mind after a tiring day? Today we will be looking at a cool little game called Water Flow 1. Water flow 1 is a game about giving directions to the flowing fluids and guiding them into the right container. This idea may sound simple and boring at first but worry not! Figuring out solutions to all the different levels is the core gameplay mechanic in this game, and the levels keep getting difficult. Where do these fluids come from and why are we putting them in containers? Well, that question remains unanswered. Also, what is that red liquid made of? We may never know.

    What kind of a game is Water Flow 1?

    Let us look at some features Water Flow 1 has and explain them.

    • The game is categorized as hyper-casual. Being able to play it in a web browser without any other extra steps, creates easy access for players.
    • It is essentially a puzzle game. We pull and push pins in two-dimensional directions to change the flow of the water.
    • Completing each level may take a couple of tries as that is the purpose of the game. Making you think before committing actions. You cannot put back the water once you make a mistake. At that point, restarting the level is the only solution.
    • There is also a slot machine available for watching adverts that gives you extra points. And a shop to spend your coins in. You can use this shop to unlock new color liquids.

    A Walkthrough for The Levels 1 and 11

    Since the game starts quite easy we won't be giving detailed solutions to the first 10 levels except level 1.

    However, things begin to get complicated after 11. Here is the solution for level 11.

    Level 1 Solution

    As the game also helps you in this first level we will keep it short. You control the pins by clicking on them and holding the left mouse button. Then you move your mouse towards the direction you wish and the pins move as well.

    • Move the top pin to the right
    • Move the bottom pin to the left.
    • Congratulations! Level complete. Level 11 Solution
    • Pull the middle pin under the red liquid down by clicking and holding the pin and moving the mouse towards the direction.
    • Open the red container by moving the pin, let the red liquid flow.
    • Close the red container by using the pin on top of it and release the blue liquid.
    • Lastly, open the yellow container and release yellow liquid by using their pins.
    • And success, you have finished the level. Time to spend all those coins in the shop!


    Can you fail in Water Flow 1?

    If you cannot fill all the containers with the liquid provided, the level can be counted as failed. However, restarting the level is always an option.

    Does your progress save when you quit Water Flow 1?

    We have tried quitting the game and restarting to answer this question. It seemed to save progress. Although you should enable browser cookies for this function.

    Does Water Flow 1 have an end?

    We have played until level 30 and there didn’t seem to be an end.

    Can you replay the levels in Water Flow 1?

    You can’t replay the levels without losing progress. However, if you wish to replay from the beginning you can use a different browser or incognito mode to start anew.