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Maze Control Online Game

Play NowMaze Control Online Game

    Maze Control is one of the funniest and most immersive games we have designed, unlike boring maze games. In this game, you will be in control of the game and you won't be able to stop playing this fun and addictive game. To learn and play this different and fun control game, follow the steps below and learn the game now.

    How To Play This Game?

    Follow the steps to learn this different and constantly desired game where the control of the maze in the game is left to you, the players. Let's get started so that you can play and enjoy this game, which is easier than it looks.

    • Click or tap the game icon and open the game.
    • Click or tap the game icon to get to the game screen. When the game screen appears, click or tap the "Play" icon located in the middle of the screen.

    • Select level before starting the game.
    • A list of levels will appear on the game screen right after the first step. The only level that opens when you first start the game will be the first level. To access other levels and unlock the level, you must complete the level you are playing.

    • Control the maze and get the blue ball to the exit of the maze.
    • Immediately after choosing a level, you will see a maze and a blue ball in it. The difference in this game is that you control the maze, not the ball, to get the ball to the exit of the maze.

    • Create direction in the maze by moving the maze left and right.
    • Move the maze using the left and right keys on the keyboard on the computer, and the left and right icons on the touch screen. Thus, the blue ball will move forward and reach the exit.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Game

    Below we have answered some of the questions that players wonder and ask about this fun and immersive maze game, which is addictive with its difference.

    I can't find a way to get the blue ball to the exit in the maze, what should I do?

    Due to the rules and operation of the game, the blue ball must always head towards the exit. There is a way out of the blue ball in each level.

    Are there other things in the game other than the blue ball in the maze?

    After you start playing the game, you will start to progress through the levels. When you reach the advanced levels, the difficulty of the game will increase and there will be other obstacles in the labyrinth apart from the labyrinth walls. You have to overcome these obstacles and take the blue ball to the exit.

    I got stuck while playing the game, now what?

    If you hit the obstacle while taking the blue ball to the exit, you need to play the level you are in again. It is not possible to progress in the game without completing the level.