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Farm Clash 3D

Play NowFarm Clash 3D

What would you think of the struggle between the people with cowboy hats and the natives? The farms, the cool native hats made by the feathers. Pretty impressive, right?

It is hard to find an online fps game with a western time. Guys, we have great news for you. Farm Clash 3D is the game that you can play a western-based fps game. This is totally fun. The only thing you need an internet connection and a regular computer. That’s all, folks! Sit on your chair and enjoy this greatness at your home.

How to play Farm Clash 3D:

Even if everyone knows how to play an FPS game on the computer. But we just want to repeat it for once. Who knows? Maybe there is a newborn gamer here.

  • Farm Clash 3D is a 3D FPS shooter game based on a western theme. Your enemies are the natives. The game takes place on a farm. The only weapons are a shotgun and an AK-47.
  • The move your character, use "W, A, S, D".
  • To jump, use space.
  • To duck, use "C".
  • To aim, use your mouse. You can shoot with the left click, you can look further by the right-click.
  • You start the game with a shotgun but you can take the AK-47 from the ceiling. It is the most deadly rifle in the game.
  • There is a trampoline in the game you can go to the ceiling by jumping into it.

Farm Clash 3D Walkthrough

Grab your shotgun and reload it with cartridges. We have a farm to protect.

Well, we described the "how-to"s of the game above. Let’s go beyond the theory. See the outputs on the field.

  • When we are able to reach the game, we see two people shooting each other on a farm. Both of them seem cool. One of them is a cowboy. It seems like there is a shotgun in their arms but its rifle shoots bullets rather than cartridges. This is interesting and weird. The other buddy is an Indian American with his traditional clothes. He holds a shotgun, too. Obviously, this is a Western-themed game.
  • There is only one button on the screen that says "Continue!". So we continue as we click on it.
  • The game menu is a bit confusing and complex. We click on the biggest green button with a white triangle in it to start the game.
  • This is a deathmatch. We should shoot the Native enemies in this game. It is pretty easy. We aim and shoot. It seems like natives are not as good as us. In other words, we rule them all like every phase of society.
  • Three of them shoot us at the same time. What a shame! We kill ‘em all anyway. But the health of us is at the lowest point.
  • We are being murdered by a tiny and loser bullet. Those fools can hunt us down only that way.