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Play NowDuo

Do you hate the lame and too easy games on the market? Do you want to challenge yourself with a real game by using a regular computer? Can you make wise choices in the case of an emergency?

We have a game for you. Duo is the game that you can challenge your rhythm and reflexes. How? There is only control. But the game is challenging. Why? The timing and rhythm determine whether you die or continue the game. Let the game begins!

Basics of Duo:

Even if the game has only one control, you should learn the strategy behind it. Here they are, the basics.

  • Duo is a great example of concentration based casual games. Your goal is to overcome the obstacles on the map and go further as you can.
  • The thing you control is dual circles that move together like a long stick.
  • To jump you dual circles click on the screen. The only control of the game is this.
  • As you make jump them, they rotate on the screen. To get over the obstacles, you should be patient in some cases. The main determiner to pass the levels is to go there by the right angle. To catch the right angle you should wait till the angle is proper.
  • If you touch the obstacles, you will die.
  • The purple zones are the secure spots of the obstacles. Try to use it there.

Duo Game Walkthrough

Let’s feel the groove! A walkthrough in the deadly rhythms

As we said earlier, the rhythm and the timing are everything both in this game and in life. So, let’s go people. This is a walk through the game.

  • As we open the game, we see a wonderful teal background with great degrades. There are two lines of circles that drawing circles on the screen. There is a white triangle in the center. It returns in the rhythm of the circles. Obviously, the white triangle is a play button.
  • The other buttons on the screen are the sound button on the left corner bottom and the shop button on the right corner bottom. We can set the sound of the game or we can set up the appearance of the game. Our chances are to change the appearance, the color, and the shape of our duo.
  • We start the game by clicking the white triangle on the screen. There is a square that expands and shrinks. We should be able to cross over the square to continue the game. After a while, we become successful at this.
  • As we mentioned above, the timing is crucial in this game. We should be looking for every possible opportunity to get over the obstacles.
  • The next level has a circle and the tiny line of circles is rotating in this. We lose here because it is hard to guess the next move of them. They are too fast.