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Parking Fury 3

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Do you think you're a good driver? When you park your car between the lines, you must pay attention to other cars and obstruct obstacles on Parking Fury 3

You wanna prove it to us? Now park your car in the parking lot.

Parking Fury 3 is the game for monster drivers in the traffic. This game will give you never can find in anywhere parking skills and traffic experiences. If you use this knowledge for good things in the traffic, maybe you can earn the most talented driver degree.

That was all the joke, we made a game just for fun, we hope you enjoy while playing the game.

Choose the car you want to play before starting to game. Too many levels are placed in the game, pass all levels parking your car in the selected places. The game is getting harder while passing levels, so this means you have to add a new car to your garage by earning money or unlock cars by collecting scores with your skills. If you try to pass levels under a certain time, you can earn 3 types of medal according to your finishing time.

Between 60 - 45 seconds is a bronze medal, between 45 - 20 seconds is a silver medal and between 20 - 0 seconds is a gold medal. The gold medal is the most valuable medal in the game, so if you can collect all gold medals in the game you will acquire talented driver achievement. You can display it on your gamer profile. What a cool right?

When you stuck in any level you can click the walkthrough button to watch a video. The button has placed the bottom of the game. Give thumbs up and leave the comment if you enjoy while playing the game.

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Excellent game. Best game ı ever played. You have to play it.