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Tower Builder

Play NowTower Builder

Do you think you can manage to build a tower with many floors? If you do, Tower Builder is the right game for you!

You have to build a tower, but do not rush! It might collapse if you rush! It is interesting, right? It gets more interesting once you started to play. It is not easy as it looks.

If you trust your balance and timing, Tower Builder will give you everything you want! Let’s talk more about the Tower Builder.

We can see you are excited about the Tower Builder! Well, it is cool and natural because this game is so cool buddy! Who does not like the balance games? It is very fun and exciting. There is no place for a mistake while playing! If you trust yourself, let's dive into some details about the Tower Builder. Shall we?

More About Tower Builder

  • You can play Tower Builder with a controller
  • You can play this game from every device you want to play. If you are playing from a computer, you will need a controller like a mouse or a trackpad. If you have them, just click left when the right time comes. If you are playing this game from a device with a touchable screen when the right time comes just tap on the screen.

  • Timing Matters
  • You have to release the floor of the building exact time. Otherwise, it may fall. Be careful! You only have three rights to miss. If you miss more than that, you have to restart the game all over again.

  • Obstacles are dangerous
  • There are obstacles in the playing area. You have to avoid them, when they have gone, you should release the building. Otherwise, they may cause you to fail. Do not let them distract you!

  • Balance is important too
  • You do not want your building to collapse because of a balance problem, right? Because of that, you have to release your floors carefully and organized. There is no place for a mistake!

  • Reach The Highest Score
  • Can you reach the highest score? We sure you can! Once you understand the mechanism of the game, it is easier, we promise! Go and play right now! It will be the most fun time ever!

    Frequently Asked Questions About The Tower Builder

    We prepared some of the frequently asked questions about the Tower Builder to provide you a good gaming experience.

    Can I Pause The Tower Builder?

    You do not have to pause the game because there is no time while playing this game. When you come back, you can continue where you left.

    Can I Play Tower Builder From A Mobile Device?

    Yes, you can play Tower Builder from whatever kind of device you want to play. Computer, tablet computer, mobile phone or more. You can play from all of them.

    How Can I See My Scores?

    Unfortunately, you can only see your score while playing.