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Tomb Runner

Play NowTomb Runner

Tomb runner, as the name suggests, is a fun game where our character runs and we guide him. In this game you have to run for Tom who wants to collect the gold and run like in the games.

All you have to do is to pass the obstacles on the running path using the direction keys. A very enjoyable and fun game awaits you. You must be careful and collect the gold. You can direct, jump, and tilt your character with the arrow keys on your keyboard. Remember, you must be careful when playing the game at any time can be obstacles from anywhere.

Game Shortcuts

Move with right and left arrows, slide under obstacles with arrow up and jump over the obstacles with arrow up. Move your device for movement.

Run! Monster is behind you. You don't have any chance to be slow. If you are failed monster chase you easily. Jump over the platforms slide from the waters and give a quick decides. Try to collect coins, because you can buy different characters or you can upgrade your skills. Don't fall over the ground always be careful about this if you fall game is over. and your score appears from the center of your screen.

Also, you can invite your friends to the game. So you can play with your friend and you can make duels for fun or something. Collect diamond placed in the road with diamonds you can revive yourself when you died. So diamonds are very important for yourself.

When the roads are split, choose the way you want to go, according to your selection game is shaping. If you choose the danger way roads are filling with traps and obstacles. If you choose the safe way roads are have fewer obstacles. You have to move quickly and wisely in the game. If you be the slow monster will catch you easily.

If you want to say something leave a comment to us from the comment section under the bottom of the game and rate us!