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Transmorpher 1

Play NowTransmorpher 1

Are you not a bit bored of all those just jump and collect kind of platformer games? Transmorpher 1 is here to change that! This game is a free-to-play online website game that can be played through all devices with an internet connection.

Rich Features of Transmorpher 1

Transmorpher one is highly accessible. It is a website game so you can access it anywhere you want. With many language options, people all around the world can enjoy this fun as heck game! Transmorpher 1 has 43 levels of parkours which are increasing in difficulty.

Transmorpher 1 is Mechanics Rich!

With its many cool mechanics, you too will be absorbed in this game!

  • Absorbing and Shapeshifting: If you see something that you can absorb, take it! Each thing you absorb will give you a different skill like, being strong, sticking to a wall, or opening a lock. You can simultaneously shift between your absorbed characters to adapt to every situation. You have to know each skill to pass a level!
  • Smart obstacles: With every level succeeded the obstacles you face will get even harder and harder. There will be times that you must show precise timing or times you will have to return back to the start and look for a new path!
  • Interactive objects: Sometimes the only way out is by a random object on the map. You can interact with objects to set a new path for your character. You must observe and make a plan at every level!

Controls of Transmorpher 1

You have two options for the controls:

  • Mouse: You can move your cursor to move your character and left-click to jump.
  • Arrow keys: You move with arrow keys on your keyboard. Forward is for jumping, right and left is for moving.
  • Shapeshifting: You can simultaneously change between your absorbed characters with 1,2,3 and 4 keys on your keyboard.

A Walkthrough of Transmorpher 1

You start the game as a basic radioactively mutated sludge.

With this character, you can jump and absorb some objects and characters to gain new skills required to pass certain obstacles. Your main goal is to pass through a door and escape the map.


In this section, we answered your questions about Transmorpher 1

Where do I find Transmorpher 1?

Transmorpher 1 is streamed by You can find it by searching in browser.

Do I have to pay anything to play Transmorpher 1?

No, you do not! Transmorpher 1 is a free online game. Anyone with an internet connection can play it without paying anything. You do not even need to subscribe to the website too!

On which platforms can I play Transmorpher 1?

Transmorpher 1 is a website game so you can play it with any device like smartphones, tablets, and personal computers with Android/Windows/IOS operating systems.