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Club Sandwich Online Game

Play NowClub Sandwich Online Game

Cooking is a desire no doubt. But what about preparing a sandwich? If you familiar with math there are eternal possibilities when you are preparing a sandwich. This is interesting, right?

Club Sandwich is a game just about this issue. Customers come and you prepare a sandwich for them. This is guys, a really fun thing. Trust us.

Basics of Club Sandwich:

Let’s see what is different about Club Sandwich. This section is about the basics.

  • Club Sandwich is a cooking game that you prepare sandwiches in accordance with the desires of the customers.
  • When a customer gives orders, you will see the ingredients on the top right corner of the screen. You should place the ingredients in true order.
  • You can see the ingredients of the sandwiches on the bottom left of the screen. Click on them to add to the sandwich.
  • Once your sandwich is prepared, you can click on French fries or cokes if the customer wants.

A Walkthrough on Club Sandwich:

We have sandwiches to prepare guys. Are you with us in this walkthrough?

  • We click on the green button to continue. There is a calendar here. Obviously, this is a level selection menu. We start from the first level which is Monday.
  • The first customer wants a ham sandwich with two cokes. We prepare this order and give him.
  • The second customer wants a lettuce sandwich. This is pretty weird. Also, it wants French fries and coke. Guys, what is wrong with this guy? We prepare and give the order.
  • The third customer wants a lettuce sandwich with two French fries and a coke.
  • LOL! Guys, you should see this order. This chad man just only wants three loaves of bread and two coke. Bruh! Why?
  • Finally, a normal order from a normal customer. This customer wants a ham sandwich, French fries, and a coke. Guys, this is balanced nutrition, you see. I wish I could kiss that guy.
  • The next customer wants a triple lettuce sandwich. We give it.
  • This is the end of the level. We earn three stars.


What if I prepare the sandwich in the wrong order in Club Sandwich?

You will be failing the level. Our restaurant has a strict sandwich policy. The customer is literally always right. You should do whatever the customer says.

Are there different languages different than English available in Club Sandwich?

Yes, there are different languages in this free sandwich-making game online. You are able to switch the language to a language you want.

Are there any cooking sessions in Club Sandwich?

No. Since Club Sandwich is an online sandwich-making game unblocked, there is no cooking. We always prefer the easiest way to eat our fill. There is no need to go harder man. Relax. A sandwich can remove your hunger, too.