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Sheep Farm Game

Play NowSheep Farm Game

Probably you know the famous folk song. Bro McDonald has a farm, obviously. What if we tell you there are some sheep on this farm?

In Sheep Farm you are able to find the opportunity of being a cool farmer with all of your sheep. Aren’t you get bored of the boring atmosphere of the city? The sky in Sheep Farm is full of stars, y’all. Rather than not real and boring office jobs, you will be running a farming business. Who says idle games aren’t fun? You can definitely be sure, this was not us.

Basics of Sheep Farm Game:

It seems like you are into Sheep Farm y’all! You can find the data you need in this section.

  • Sheep Farm is an idle farming simulation that you can make a small and cozy farm work.
  • Hardworking is the main element here.
  • It’s so easy to play the game. You should just follow the blue arrows on the screen.
  • You are able to follow and do the jobs on the farm by clicking on them.
  • Once a job appears, there you will be able to see the required object for the job on the screen. The thing you need to do is click on the required object.
  • When our farmer guy takes it, you should click on the required place. Well done!
  • Have a nice farming season, folks!

A Walkthrough on Sheep Farm:

Let’s handle a small and cozy farm together. You are able to see a walkthrough of Sheep Farm here.

  • As we start the game, we click on the start game button to continue.
  • First, we need to feed the sheep. It is hungry. We find some grass to feed it. After that, we feed this cutie.
  • Oh, no! Our sheep becomes sick. We look around and find the medicine it needs. It is shown by the game with a blue arrow.
  • When we give the medicine to the sheep, it starts to sleep like a baby.
  • After a while, it wakes up again. We give it a pile of straw that time. We can’t always give grass.
  • When it eats the straw, it becomes thirsty. We fill its bucket that it drinks water.
  • You know, the farm business. It goes like that.


How can I make money in Sheep Farm Online?

You can make money in Sheep Farm by selling the wool you gathered from your sheep. It is a beneficial way to make money.

Can I play Free Sheep Farm Unlimited on iOS or Android?

Yes. You are able to play Sheep Farm on your mobile devices. The game supports it.

Can I play Sheep Farm Unblocked with my friends?

No, you can’t play Sheep Farm Online with your friends. Idle games generally have no support for multiplayer.