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Slice Food

Play NowSlice Food

Sometimes we need to release the anger and have some tranquility. You can’t find any tranquility while you are playing an action game. It’s impossible.

For these occasions, game developers have developed hyper-casual puzzle games. Slice Food Game is one of those games. You can grab your knife and slice food to blow off some steam. You will feel like you cook food. This feeling feels right and happy. Y’all should blow off some steam.

Basics of Slice Food:

Even if Slice Food seems a bit easier than the other games, you might be in need of help. You can find it here.

  • Slice Food is a hyper-casual puzzle game that you slice foods. It is that easy.
  • To pass the levels, you should slice the food as equally as you can.
  • To slice a food, you should click on the left click and hold it till you find the perfect slicing angle.
  • You can’t slice if your mouse starts from the outside of the bowl or ends outside the bowl.
  • The game tells you how many slices move you have and the required partition numbers.
  • Have fun y’all! It is not as easy as it seems.

Let’s slice, people. The slices are yours. Would you like to join this walkthrough?

  • As we start Slice Food, we click on the play button placed in a cup of coffee to continue.
  • There is a level selection section. We click on the first level.
  • There is a donut to slice. We should slice it into 2 different slices.
  • We did it! Brilliant!
  • We click on the coffee cup to continue to the next level.
  • The other meal is a waffle that square-shaped. We should slice it into 4 pieces. First, we make a horizontal line. There are two slices of waffle now. We make a vertical line to final the slicing.
  • It is done, again! We go to the next level.
  • Oh boy! This level seems a bit harder. There is a slice of pizza and we need to slice it into three different pieces.
  • We couldn’t create equal parts. We failed!


I can’t slice food in Slice Food. How can I slice properly?

It is hard to get used to the slicing technique in Slice Food Online. You should click in the bowl, not outside. Your slicing should start in the bowl and end in the bowl.

Can I play Slice Food by keyboard?

Unfortunately, you can’t play Free Slice Food Game on your keyboard. Maybe you can try the Numpad but it is not as efficient as a mouse.

I can’t pass a level in Slice Food. Why?

To pass the levels, you should slice the food as equally as possible. Probably your slices are not equal.