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Pizza Ninja

Play NowPizza Ninja

In Pizza Ninja, we are working for a renowned pizza maker Chef Mario. Since being this famous has its downsides Chef Mario faces a big problem. There are too many orders!

As he cooks behind the scenes we cut the ingredients for him. However there’s the threat of bombs now and then, I guess the delivery guy doesn’t really like Chef Mario’s success. But worry not! Keeping him safe and ensuring the success of his business is very possible.

Here is everything there is in this free hyper-casual browser game, Pizza Ninja.

What do we do in Pizza Ninja?

The main mechanic is chopping ingredients with the mouse. Sounds simple but its beauty comes from simplicity. Mushrooms, cheeses, and tomatoes all fly around as you try to chop all of them before they fall on the ground. Chef Mario doesn’t like the 10-second rule.

There are three different game modes in Pizza Ninja.

Arcade Mode

In this infinite game mode, the player starts with 3 hats. You can think of these hats as your lives. If a vegetable falls on the ground before you chop it, you lose a hat. If you lose all three of your hats, you fail the level. Also if you accidentally chop a bomb, well you blow up! So, if you are ready for an endless fun, the excellent game is here for you folks!

Challenge Mode

There are 6 different mini-games on this mode. You play a random mini-game every round. There are different goals for each mini-game. These levels also feature a time limit. Achieve the goal before the timer ends. If you manage to finish every round with a success, you get to fight for the Golden Cup! We will not spoil the minigames or the final round for you guys.

Memory Mode

There are 60 levels in memory mode. Each level begins by telling you which ingredients to chop. Your performance in each level is rated out of 3 stars. Chopping an unnecessary ingredient or a bomb affects your performance rating.

Walkthrough for Each Game Mode in Pizza Ninja

Let us look at how to get the best score in each game mode!

In arcade mode, focusing on the glowing ingredients is the main tactic. They provide several bonuses to help you score higher while also giving a boost directly to your score. Chopping several vegetables at the same time also gives you a score multiplier. Making the most out of these two elements is crucial for a high score.

In challenge mode, as long as you pass every challenge your score doesn’t matter for being able to get the Golden Cup. Each challenge asks you to cut a specific number of one or more ingredients. You must try not to miss any vegetables since there are a time limit and a numbered amount of ingredients.

In memory mode, if you don’t chop any ingredients other than the ones the game tells you, you get a 3-star score. Each level unlocks after you finish the previous one. If you just want to see every level your star rating does not matter.


What happens if you chop a bomb in Pizza Ninja?

You fail the level.

Does your progress save when you quit Pizza Ninja?

Yes, it does.

Does Pizza Ninja have an end?

Memory mode and challenge mode have an end while arcade mode doesn’t.