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Stack The Burger Game

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How hard can it be to make hamburgers in Stack to Burger Game? In this game we are trying to make the burgers requested from us. But in order to tell us which materials in the hamburger should be ordered. We are trying to sort the materials falling from above. It's a fun game.

Make a giant tower with collecting materials raining from above according your order list, after complete order you can serve it to your customer. If you missed some materials or you can't complete the order, customers get very angry and they will don't pay your money. So avoid making your customers angry, because customer means money (:

You can improve your abilities by using your chef skills. Buy boosters and properties from a shop according to your money. Expand your restaurant, in this way you can increase your customer number. Also, you can add new recipes to your menu.

You can play different modes, like a burger tower mode. In this mode, you trying to make the biggest burger you made. Share your burger tower with the community and get likes. If you want you can invite your friends to tower burger duel to play together. Beat your friends and become the "MasterChef", and won a master recipe achievement.