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Food Grinder Game

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Today we will talk about a great little game. Food Grinder is an awesome platformer for the casual player. In this free hyper-casual 2D platformer we play as food running away from gears trying to grind us. While the concept may sound terrifying it is actually a fun game with a funny setting. The game starts us off with a donut as a playable character. Let us join the adventures of this donut as we look further into this cute game.

What kind of a game is Food Grinder?

In this section, we will talk about everything the game offers. Here are all the features present in Food Grinder:

  • The game only has one level. The level consists of three metal bars places on top of each other. We navigate between these metal bars as we collect gems and coins while avoiding the turning gears.
  • Our donut is very weak against sharp grinders, you must avoid them at all costs.
  • The gems you collect increase your in-game score. While the coins are collected to be used in the shop. You can buy new playable characters in the shop with the coins you collected.
  • You can change how the background looks from the 3rd option on the main menu. There are 5 different choices.

How to Play Food Grinder?

You use the arrows on your keyboard to play the game. Your character moves from right to left on their own. The up arrow makes your character jump to the platform above while the down arrow brings them down to the lower platform.

Since your character moves on their own you must be careful while switching between platforms.

A warning sign is displayed when a grinder is expected on a corresponding platform.


Can you fail in Food Grinder?

If you get ground by one of the gears you die and fail the level. However, you can always start the level again and try to beat your score.

Does your progress save when you quit Food Grinder?

To answer this question, I have refreshed my browser and opened the game from scratch. It seemed to save my progress.

Does Food Grinder have an end?

Food Grinder does not have an end. We are stuck in an unending adventure as different foods, trying to avoid grinders.

Can you turn off the music in Food Grinder?

Yes, you can! Clicking the sound icon in the top left corner of the main menu turns off all sounds.