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Duck Shooter

Play NowDuck Shooter

Everyone who lived in the ’90s remembers that funny duck shooter game.

In this era, the game was harshly criticized by promoting people to go hunting which is so harmful to the ecosystems.

At the end of the day, we are not hunters. At least a huge number of us.

It is more fun with friends, obviously.

How to Play Duck Shooter Game?

In the game, your goal is shooting the ducks you see on the screen.

  • You control your rifle by your keyboard, not the mouse as you expect.
  • You have only three bullets to shoot the ducks. After a while, your bullets are reloaded automatically.
  • The ducks are not existing for eternity. You must shoot them in the given time to earn points.
  • If you shoot the ducks as fast as you can, you earn higher points.
  • The song is so catchy. You can hear sweet arcade music.
  • You direct your rifle by the arrows on your keyboard.
  • You press the space to shoot your rifle. After a shoot, you need to wait for a little.
  • The map in the game exactly has a unique arcade theme. There is a lake with the same color palette from the arcade era.

Reload your weapon. We need to dive into the ducks’ lake.

  • We access the website of the game by our web browser. Our browser is Google Chrome, which is the most commonly used one. Click the play button on the screen. After that, you will need to click another play button.
  • We are far a click from this funny shooter game. On the screen, you see a scared duck. Above his head, the name of the game is written: Duck Shooter. There is a play sign below the duck. We click on that wooden shaped button.
  • The game reminds us of the fundamental rules of the game like how we use our rifle and how to shot.
  • We grab our rifle and hear the quaking sounds of the ducks. We take our position somewhere safe and take our aim at a duck’s head. We shoot it. It fells down. A sad moment for Duffy Duck.
  • After that duck, we see two ducks at the same time. We need to aim correctly and shoot both of two. And kaboom! We lawyered them, too.
  • There is a massacre in the lake. We shoot and shoot. By the way, there is no single drop of blood on the screen. It is a thoughtful action for a game developer.

You see, a little trip into your childhood was pretty relaxing. It’s a safe place that no one can intervene there. Remember your memories from the 90’s it was the era that under the supremacy of arcade games like this Duck Shooter. Gather around your friends and make this a party game.