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Apple Shooter Remastered

Play NowApple Shooter Remastered

The game is pretty fun. The scope of the game is as follows: An extremely brave volunteer stands in front of you with an apple on his head and you have to hit the apple with the help of a bow and arrow. If you cannot do this, the volunteer dies. Thanks to this game, you will practice your aiming and killing skills just like a real Indian warrior.

Of course, your main goal in the game is to not kill your brave friend. If you make the right choices in terms of power and direction, you can hit the apple. If you manage to hit the apples in the game, you can quickly move on to the next round. But if you shoot your friend, it will automatically game over. After the game is over, it is possible to start a new game by clicking the Continue option. It's that simple!

Main Features of the Apple Shooter Remastered Game The powerful sound effects of the game for both the person standing under the apple and the arrow and bow movements make the game extremely realistic. There is also a symbol in the game that indicates how far the area pointed by your arrow is from the target. That is, there is a distance parameter in the game. As you know, if an arrow you throw increases the distance, it will move closer to the ground over time and is going to place to a lower point instead of the first point you set. This is the reason why the distance parameter is given to you. You have to adjust the direction of the arrow accordingly.

If you can hit the apple correctly, your distance from the target increases by five feet in the next rounds. In this way, it becomes more difficult to hit the apple in the game.

Therefore, those who love this game will enjoy the increasing difficulty. But remember! It is enough to shoot your friend once for the game to be over. So you have to be very careful.

How to play Apple Shooter Remastered

You are definitely in the right place to play the Apple Shooter Remastered game.

Some additional options offered to you in the game will increase your success rapidly. For example, let's say you have to make a few strokes in a row. If you did not shoot your friend, the missed hit will give you the right to take additional hits. After this hit, the route your previous shot went will be shown with white-colored dots so that you can make your strategy wisely. In this way, you will be able to determine a much more logical shooting strategy.

  • Start the game.
  • Use your bow and arrow.
  • Determine your direction and strategy according to the distance.
  • That is all!