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Brain For Monster Truck

Play NowBrain For Monster Truck

Everyone knows that the coolest car in the entire universe is a Brain For Monster Truck. Every man dream about it from childhood. Imagine the engine noise of these monsters. When you drive it, everyone on the street will be pointing you by their fingers. They will even pay to watch your monster. Cool, huh?

We are presenting you with a game with this cool car. Brain For Monster Truck is the game that you will be able to drive those monsters. Sounds… That sounds great! You will not only drive the car. Also, you will be creating roads for it. Creating roads for your car… Man, this should be the most chad move ever. So, what would you do now? Step one: open this game, step two: play this game. That’s all folks!

Basics of Brain For Monster Truck:

Even if all the men know how to drive a Brain For Monster Truck, let’s clarify for newborns.

  • Brain For Monster Truck is a kind of puzzle game with a monster truck. In this game, your goal is to go to the end of the map by your monster truck. By doing this, never drop your cargo behind the back.
  • To drive the car, use the arrows on your keyboard.
  • To draw roads, draw lines on the screen with your mouse cursor.
  • You shouldn’t drop the box behind your monster truck. In other words, you should be a trusted postal service.
  • The endpoint is pointed by a red flag.

Brain For Monster Truck Walkthrough

Grab your keys to drive the coolest vehicle in the world.

Everyone knows that the coolest car in the world is a monster truck. We need a passenger on our journey. Come on in!

  • As we open the game, we see a spectacular red monster truck. There are the lines of a notebook behind the car as a background. This means there is no redundant confusing graphics, just the game. Great!
  • There are three buttons on the screen. The orange and the bigger one is to start. The two buttons below it are to get instructions and see the other games of the publisher. We click on the start button.
  • When we click on that button, we see a level selector menu. We click on the first level.
  • This is the introduction level. We go to the left and the level ends.
  • When we get to the second level, we draw a road for our legendary monster truck with our mouse. We click and draw, it is that easy.
  • We drive our monster truck to the endpoint. It seems like our package does not fall. So, we pass this level, too.
  • So, here is the third level. First, we collect the star just across our truck. We get it. After that, we draw a line in the opposite direction. We get the second star. After that, we go towards the endpoint.