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Gravity Linez Game

Play NowGravity Linez Game

How steady are your hands? If you trust yourself to draw a perfect line, you are in the right place pal! The game presents you is perfect for you. Even if it has a simple base, it is not that simple to play it. Do not worry, a struggle has never been more fun! It is more than a basketball game, but in real life, it ensures you throw the ball into the basket at a perfect angle, so you can score. Gravity Linez changes your perspective about basketball, you will be better than ever!

It is a simple game, but there are some pinpoints you should be careful about. So, as, we put these pinpoints in order for you!

How can I play Gravity Linez successfully?

  1. You can play the game with a controller
  2. If you are playing this game from a computer, you need a mouse or trackpad. Holding down left, and draw a line. If you are playing this game from a tablet or any other device with a touch screen, put your finger into the screen and swipe.

  3. You have a limited chance to draw
  4. You can not draw a line as much as you want. You have to achieve it with a maximum of three chances. If you can not, you fail. So be sure the draw you line has a perfect slope.

  5. Put the ball into the circle perfectly
  6. If the line you draw has a perfect slope, the ball will follow this path and get into the circle without any problem.

  7. There are bombs that you have to avoid
  8. As much as the balls, there will be bombs in-game. You should be careful about them. Getting them into the circle will cause you to fail. Do not include them, avoid them!

  9. Timing matters
  10. When you complete the level and skip into the next, you have to watch out! The ball will be in the air, you have to be careful so the ball will not fall.

  11. Reach the best score
  12. How many levels you can complete successfully? Your scores will be recorded, so you can know your best score and try to improve it.

Frequently asked questions about the Gravity Linez

As, we prepared some frequently asked questions about the Gravity Linez that we thought there would be helpful for you. If you find your question, you can reach the answer as well.

Can I pause the Gravity Linez?

No, unfortunately, you can not pause the Gravity Linez. As soon as you completed the level, you should continue playing from the next one.

Do I have a chance to continue after my three chances of the draw?

No, you have only three chances, and after you use all of them you fail. You should restart the game. We believe you can do better!

What happens if I block the circle with my line?

If you block the circle with your line, the ball will not get into the circle and you fail. So be careful about the size of your line.