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Presidential Golf

Play NowPresidential Golf

Every child wants to be president of America for a certain term and achieve great things.

You will love this fun free game option with Donal Trump's face on the interface! Presidential Golf, in the free fun games category, is loaded immediately and runs smoothly thanks to the fast and impressive technical features of our site. Just click the Play button to start the game. The game features fun music playing from behind, as well as a sound included in the game effects. You can activate or mute both voices via different buttons. This provides you with a more personalized gaming experience.

Training Part of Presidential Golf

The biggest difference of Presidential Golf game from others is that it gives you information about how the game is played. Those who want to play the game come across an option like "Learn how to play?" After clicking the Play button. If you answer "Yes" to this question, the Basic Training page will open.

A copy of President Donald Trump will give you a tip on how to move your mouse and adjust the power on this page. You will begin your first shooting experience later. If you manage to put the golf ball into the hole within the page, the training will be finished and the playing process will begin. If you wish, you can start the game directly without the need for training.

Fun Free Games

At the beginning of the game, President Donald comes down into the grass field with his helicopter. Then, by clicking on the human figure at the bottom left, Trump takes the golf club in his hand. From this point on, the fun golf game begins. To get the best results in the game, use your mouse to scan the area, and decide how to shoot.

The game has different features in terms of the hole, part, and strokes. If you wish, you can stop or restart the game from the upper right corner. You also earn money for every good hit you make. You can see how much money you have earned in the top right bar.

How to play Presidential Golf

There's a reason Presidential Golf is so fun! Because the game has an extremely enjoyable graphic.

  • Those who want to play the Presidential Golf game can first press the Play button.
  • On the page you see, you can specify that you want to do the training process or skip this process directly and continue the game in this way.
  • When you start the game, you will first need to determine the direction of the ball. To do this, you can use the right and left arrow keys at the bottom left of the game.
  • After determining the direction, you need to choose the power of hitting the ball. When the Power reaches the point you want, click Go. If you succeed, Trump will suddenly come to where the hole is. Stats about how many strokes you have accomplished in this process will also be shown to you at the end of the successful hit.