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Robbers in Town

Play NowRobbers in Town

Hi, robbers! Are you ready to break the gates of dungeons? Cross their dungeons and meet our new game Robbers in Town. You can be sure that you will play the simplest and the most fun game ever. Are you excited?

We think you should get excited. We are sure you will like this game very much. We will give you information about the game to get your attention. What do you say, shall we start? We’re sure you say yes. Let's start giving you instructions.

As we mentioned to you, we will explain the instructions of the game one by one and we will leave you alone with this fun game. Now, we will give you more detail.

How to Play The Robbers in Town

  • You should play Robbers in Town with a controller

    You will need the keyboard to play this game. You can play using only two keys. One of them is the right key and the other is the left key. You play the game with two robbers. You can use these keys for the robbers to jump over the boxes.

  • You have to be careful not to hit the boxes

    If you hit the boxes while you are playing the game, you will have to return to the beginning of the game. So you should be careful.

  • Collecting money bags

    You have to collect the money bags as you jump from the top of the boxes.

  • Complete stars to unlock levels

    The chapters will be completed when you continue to play the game successfully. If you can collect all the money bags, this will earn you 3 stars. If you do not get 3 stars, don’t worry about it. Of course, if you get 1 or 2 stars, it will allow you to move on to the other section. So you have no reason not to continue the game.

Frequently Asked Questions About

We talked to you about all the details of our game. It's time to answer your questions. You can find the questions below. We recommend you review.

What Are The Money Bags I Collected For?

All the money bags, you collect will earn you stars at the end of each level. In this way, you can skip to other sections. So let's keep collecting.

Can I Pause The Robbers in Town?

Of course, yes. You can pause the game whenever you want. So whenever you feel ready then you can continue the game.

Can I Continue Where I Left Off When I Die?

When you die in this game which consists of many episodes, you can start over from the beginning of the episode in which part you stayed.

Are you still here, guys or did you return to the game? We are sure you are still reading. We know you want to return to the game as soon as possible, but with this information, you will play the game better.