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Soldiers Combat

Play NowSoldiers Combat

Hello everyone, we at have an awesome game for you once again. In this free online game Soldiers Combat, you play as a soldier doing platforms and killing enemies. You can choose your character and guns before you start playing. As you progress through the game and collect more coins/points you will be able to unlock new characters and guns.

Main Mechanics of Soldiers Combat

Since Soldiers Combat is a side-scrolling 2D arcade game there are some classic mechanics in it that are found in almost any arcade game. This game stands out with its customization options as well as creative level design. You will notice that each level is different and plays out in various ways.

  • Shooting: You will have enemies that will be after you. In order to survive you need to either avoid them or kill them. You can use your gun to kill them. Spacebar lets you shoot.
  • Jumping: Up Arrows on your keyboard are used for jumping. This game has a double jump mechanic so make sure to use it!
  • Collecting Keys: If you want to complete the levels you need to get 3 keys. These keys are found in boxes throughout the level. When you shoot at the boxes enough times they break. Keys can later be collected from the broken boxes.
  • Collecting Coins: You don’t have to collect coins to pass the levels. These are used to purchase new guns and character throughout your adventure. If you wish you may also finish the game only using your starting equipment.

How to play Soldiers Combat?

You use the arrow keys for movement, the left key goes left, the right key goes right, up arrow is used for jumping. Using the up arrow twice provides a double jump.

Avoid pits and obstacles using your platforming abilities while killing the enemies with your gun. Make sure to create a good balance between moving and shooting.

FAQs about Soldiers Combat

Here are the most frequently asked questions about Soldiers Combat

What happens when you die in Soldiers Combat?

You can still keep playing! But unfortunately, you need to restart the level. Make sure to avoid the enemies or kill them to survive longer.

What can I do with my coins in Soldiers Combat?

You can use your collected coins to purchase new guns or characters in Soldiers Combat.

How to replay the levels in Soldiers Combat?

Go to the main menu and select levels, from there on you will be able to replay any levels you wish to play.

How to change guns/character in Soldiers Combat?

Click on the shot icon that is located on the top right corner. That will take you into the customization menu. From there on you can change anything you want.